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The lockdown has made our life still. It has deeply impacted our life. Not only has our live but also restricted the life of our children. In the next few lines, we will discuss home improvement ideas that you can teach them. This will not only keep them busy but will also instill creativity and boost confidence among them. Here’s how you can do that.

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Precautions that you need to exercise before assigning the project

Ask their opinion-Before assigning any project to them, ask their opinion. This will give them a chance to add their input. Hear what they are saying this will increase their confidence. You don’t have to ask your child what home improvement needs to be done or what do you think should we make this modification or not? They are too young to answer these questions. You can ask their input on things like what paint colors you can use, what material is better, from where we can start, what task should be complete first. Make the tasks simple and exciting.

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Make them participate-Next ensure, that your child actively participates in the project. It won’t look good, if you ask the child’s opinion and don’t let them touch the project. Remember, as the kids will be working on it there will be room for errors and mistakes. The point is to make them teach, appreciate and have fun together. Who is going to notice, even if the paint isn’t coated evenly or if few nails are lopsided? But you will instill confidence among your child.

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Explain the procedure-Ensure that you explain the process. Every moment is a learning opportunity for them. Remember to be patient with your child. They want to learn and not to be lectured if something goes wrong. Give them time to speak.

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Tell them safety measures-Explain safety procedures to them like how to handle the tools, different types of tools that can help them in this process. For example, you can demonstrate how to properly use a screwdriver, hammer, and make sure your child doesn’t hit his /her finger with a hammer.

Home Improvement Tasks that can be done by the kids

1 Painting chairs or old furniture

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You can easily give a new look to the furniture by painting it. It is the best project that you can give to your kids. The painting can be done on the furniture, walls, and chairs or wherever it is required. Mistakes can be easily corrected and the kids will feel that they are contributing towards the overall look of the home.

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2 Gardening

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Have you ever thought of giving your garden a new shape, but haven’t found the right time? Well, now you can make the most of it. Gardening is the perfect activity to teach to the kids. It is fun, educational and informative. Gardening is not all about mowing the garden; you can teach them how to sow seeds of your family favorite vegetable like tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.  Your kids will definitely enjoy this new activity.

3 Hang an artwork

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Another project that you can ask your kid for is to hang artwork or a photo on the wall. So, the sooner the child learns the basics, the better it is. You can ask them to nail their own picture or their art and craftwork on the wall. This will change the look of your home and will help the kids learn a new activity.

4 Repair activities

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Your kid might not have knowledge of carpentry or may not be interested in that. But you can hand them simple projects like measuring, painting the home, painting, hammering under supervision. They are not suitable for dangerous projects like sawing lumbering, but this specific work can be done by them.

5 Fix squeaky doors

You can teach your kids to learn how to fix squeaky door hinges. Ask your kids to locate the doors that are making noise. Then give them syringe and tell how to spray it on the hinge. A little lubrication can put an end to creaking sounds. Alternatively, you can add petroleum jelly to silence the noise. The benefit here the child becomes self-sufficient and learns how to handle simple tasks independently.

6 Silence wooden floors

The doors aren’t the only things that make noise.  Wood floors also begin to creak and it is typically due to the boards rubbing against each other, but you can silence the noise by asking your kids to spray some talcum powder, soapstone powder or graphite in the gaps between the squeaky areas.  You can ask your kids to take the help of an old towel or rag and wipe the powder into the boards.

7 Ask them to clean windows or mirrors

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Ask your kids to clean the mirror they always look at. Give them microfiber cloth along with a solution and water and vinegar to clean the windows. The kids will love to clean the mirror and they will never stain them knowing the efforts that they need to put. If your kid is old enough you can teach your kids simple basics like how to clean the glass with the drill and buffer wheel. This will help you to achieve high results.

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8 Fix the cabinet and drawer hardware

Tightening the loose cabinet and drawer hardware is one of the fastest and easiest home repair tasks that you can teach to your kids when they are young. You can ask them to take a screwdriver and start tightening the nail.  Challenge them, by asking them to install new nails and pull off the old nails. All the work should be done under supervision, especially if your kids are young to handle them.

9 Remove scuff marks from the floor

Scuff marks on the floor leave a bad impression on the kids. You can ask the assistance of your little helper in this task. Hand him/her the bucket of soapy water and sponge and ask them to spot the marks and erase it.

10 Ask them to do vacuum

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Teaching the kid how to do vacuum instill confidence among them and make them ready for the safe and tidy environment. And this task helps the kids to learn how to keep the home clean. Make them learn the basics; help them to understand how to clean specific space. Schedule the reminders on the phone.


Working on the home improvement project with your kids can be stressful and sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by your decision. But, it is the best and constructive way to spend time with your family. Whatever project you assign to them, focus on their safety and keep them under supervision. The project should be given according to their skill level. This little involvement will leave your kids becoming independent.