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Today, the stress has become part and parcel of our lives and we feel that we have no control over the same and the same happens whether we are in a home or outside. If your home remains disorganized and cluttered, it can easily overwhelm you. De-cluttered home is bit difficult because you are not able to find a particular thing and you don’t know from where to start cleaning or even store something and it causes stress. De-cluttering and organizing home is bit difficult and makes life so much simpler. When you get organized, you will not only have an organized home, but also better time management. This gives you more time to what you need to do. Also, it offers the benefits of less stress on mind and the body. It will rejuvenate your mind and spirit.


First and foremost step towards organized life is to de-clutter your home. Uncluttered of home lets you to get rid of things that you no longer need or that is not required. It can be clothes that you don’t need or books and toys that kids don’t require presently, things that serve no purpose needs to get eliminated and this is the way to live a normal life. Further, if papers and magazines have piled up, sell it and earn some money. These things serve no purpose and it should not be kept for sentimental purpose, its really a good idea to toss out. Once the clutter is finished, then you start to organize your home room by room.


Everyone has different idea with regard to interior decoration and how to make home organized. The best way is to organize how you use different things. Items that you use frequently should be more accessible than items that are used not much. So, try to organize items in a manner that becomes easy to access when required. Everything in home should have separate place or to put it simply it should have own home. When something is used on a regular basis, use it and place it to where it belong. Settling it down to another place will result in clutter and chaos. So, try to get in a habit of putting things in an organized fashion to where it originally belongs immediately after usage. This is the crucial factor of keeping home organized.

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Cleanliness- As the age old adage goes cleanliness is next to Godliness, so the idea is to clean the home properly. Don’t leave the dishes in the sink, don’t leave the clothes in the dryer when washing done, don’t leave dirty clothes inside the house. Wash dished on a regular basis and as and when cooking is done. Try to clean up the spills immediately. Doing so on a regular fashion will make your home look less cluttered because you have already done half of the work.

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Papers can pile up around the home faster than anything else and it can lead to the problem of clutter. The best way to avoid the same is go through the paper items that you require as and when you get in the home. It will help you to organize and dispose of the paper items. Prepare items like magazines  newspapers, grocery, coupons, bags, receipts, notes, need to be taken care on the similar day when they come home. Taking care of these things should be the top priorities in keeping clutter at a distance.


Clean out the bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets frequently. If you don’t require the same, get rid of it. If its seasonal then try to hide it in the cupboard or behind the things that you use most of the times. Items in the bathroom that you don’t require needs to be tossed. For instance, keeping 20 bottles of shampoos don’t work. If you don’t use it, get rid of it. If you have clothes in the closet that you don’t require for last 27 years or more than that, its safe to get rid of it as early as possible. Boxes of packed items should be kept in the corners of the room or you need to find space for same in the closet or out.


Kitchen Cabinets is another thing that you need to think of. It should free for storage. Having more than 20 glasses won’t serve any good, rather it is using more space. For instance, if someone has gifted you a dinner set as a present and you have never used, then try to pass it safely or you can make the space for the same in a closet or at any other place. Obviously, you are doing so with an intent to hurt somebody, but piling up gifts can take enormous space.

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Try to get entire family involved and make your home as organized as possible. Even young children should know how to put their toys at a proper place after playing with them. Everyone in the family should know how to keep home organized and clutter free. It is not a responsibility of woman rather the onus lies on every family member to keep home clean. Getting the family involved will ensure an organized, additionally it will instill good habits among children.


Once you have made a vow to make home clutter free and organized, then you need to keep it organized and clutter free for a long time. These are fairly easy steps on how to keep your home neat and clean and it is a thing that you need to do everyday. Clutter should be get rid of and above-mentioned tips are the best ways to get rid of the same. The solution to this problem is to simply buy accessories or items that you need to buy otherwise discard off other things. Today, the market is decked with tempting deals, the rule is to remember if you don’t need it don’t buy the same. It is sheer wastage of time and money.