Fighting dust is an endless thing. But from where to start? Here are tips on how to get rid of dust from the home.

how to fight dust




  • Majority of the people forget that the best fight against dust is adding a mat only outside the home, but also have second one inside the home. It will considerably reduce the intake of debris and dust.
  • Ensure that the vents are working properly and if not clean it regularly, so that air can circulate well. Otherwise, things will be worsened; if the dust spreads instead of limiting it. Don’t over wax the surface of the furniture. Doing it in excess may lead to accumulation of dust, which will stick to it more easily. In case you reside in an urban area, try not to keep the windows open all the time. Only ventilate the room for about five to ten minutes in a day.
  • To remove the dust, the first weapon of choice should be the vacuum cleaner. It removes dust without leaving single trace on another surface.
  • For small corners and irregular areas, use feather duster.
  • For a superior finish, get microfiber cleaning cloth, which will attract dust and remove anything that remains. Your small cloth is also ideal for dusting . Just move gently and get rid of dust.