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Today, our life has become stressful and busier than ever. We spend most of our time in offices or on in the bus/train or auto than in our own home. In today’s fast paced life we need to make an effort to slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature- smell the fragrance of roses. A home that is cluttered and chaotic cannot be considered as a relaxed home. Here are a few tips that make the home more peaceful and relaxing. Hope these tips help you to create a calm and harmonious atmosphere in your room.



Relaxing Home in Nicaragua



Flowers are soothing and incredibly appealing to the eyes of an individual both aromatically and visually.

White candles create a perfect atmosphere. It creates calm and relaxation atmosphere in the room. It is crucial to remain away from the fragrant candles as the fragrance can be too strong to bear.

Lighting is quiet crucial and natural sunlight do wonders to the home. Don’t block natural sunlight.  Keep the shaded pulled up and use curtains to filter natural sunlight. Even when the sun is not out, natural daylight is bright and hence it saves energy too. Moreover, natural sunlight creates a soothing effect on individual mind and spirit.

The paint colors that you select have a great effect on your mood. To create a relaxing atmosphere, it is necessary to opt for tranquil blue colors, green, beige and grey colors. White is suitable as well. It is important to stick for the neutral colors. Try to keep bright and jarring colors out and keep the overall ambiance calm and relaxing. Bright colors perk up the energy levels, but our aim is to create an opposite effect.

Try to de clutter the home. Clutter is not only distracting, but it also instills chaos like situation in a home. Miscellaneous items should be replaced with items that are useful and beneficial. For example, instance of adding family photographs to the room add freshly cut flowers or plants. It not only creates a decorating effect, but it also makes air clean and pure.

Try to surround yourself with the books. As the old age adage goes ‘Books are man’s best friends.’ So, instead of adding clutter add bookshelves to the room. Next, consider adding throw pillows or blankets. It is the perfect way to accessorize a room.

Hardwood floors and soft area rugs can also be added. These floors and rugs create a focal point in the room. The idea is to design a space that looks and feels softer, calmer and relaxing.

Layering of soft textures creates similar effect as of fireplaces.





How to create a relaxing bedroom

  • Try to remove clutter for the bedroom. Keep away the clothes that are hanging from the doors or behind the doors.
  • Don’t leave the home without making bed.
  • Consider buying a new mattress; if old mattress is worn.
  • Buy sheets that have superior quality of threads. These sheets can be bit expensive, but higher the thread content the softer is the sheet.
  • Go for comforters or duvets that look soft and welcoming.
  • The best color for bedding is to go for white bed sheet or pastel color. Colorful accents are fine.
  • Try to replace the pillows that old to new ones. These pillows not only accentuate the bedroom, but make it look lively. You can even add more pillows to give a luxurious feel to the bedroom.
  • Opt for a soft area rug beside your bed.
  • On your nightstand, add some freshly cut flowers or candles, book or even glasses if required.
  • Add a basket next to the bed where you can keep all kinds of remote controls, cell phones or electronic tablets. Try to ensure that these devices are turned off, so that they don’t distract you during your sound sleep.
  • Go for wall colors. The wall colors may range from green, grey, soft blue. All these colors tend to create a soft atmosphere in the room.
  • Try to keep windows unobstructed and let the natural light come in. But be sure to add a curtain or drapes, so that wonderful sunlight doesn’t make you sit awake from deep slumber.
  • Try to add more wall arts or photographs that remind you back of the beautiful memories. Cherish those memories.
  • If you have a space, try opting for an over sized couch or chair- it is the place where you can read books or watch television without having to sit on the bed. Try to keep a lampshade on the table or on standing, so that proper light is available when sun sets. Try to keep magazines and books on a small table; if it is not anyway related to your work.
  • Place lights on dimmers; if required.
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How to create a relaxing bathroom

  • If you have a large bathtub in a bathroom or a provision of Jacuzzi then you have reached your destination. Nothing beats a relaxation like a hot soak in the tub. The small bathroom can be easily turned into a heaven.
  • If you are fortunate that your neighbours don’t sneak in, let the natural light come in the bathroom. In the evening or during the night, try to add dimmers. It is important for the bathrooms.
  • Add flowers by the sink. It will surely make a difference.
  • Add candles on consoles, along with the sink- if there’s a large counter space and by the tub.
  • Go for an inexpensive bath pillow- it looks marvellous.
  • Place a small table near the tub and place a book, tea or a wine glass.
  • If your space is small, go for a bath tray. Here you can keep a lot of things. Moreover, it is an effective way of saving space.
  • Try to replace old towels with an oversized plush towel.
  • Go for a towel warmer. There is nothing more relaxing than taking hot shower. It will surely rejuvenate your soul.
  • Add soft, machine washable rugs on the floors and do add one near the bath tub.
  • Replace the shower head with a messaging one.
  • Don’t forget to add a wall art, or just be sure to hang photographs or paintings in the room that cannot be damaged by humidity
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Luxury master bath with skylight







How to create a relaxing kitchen

Now, the next idea is how to create a relaxing kitchen. Well, it may sound like a daunting task, but it is not. Kitchen is considered as an oxymoron of the house- it is a place where nutritious food id prepared and where memories are cherished. So, it is necessary to have a relaxed kitchen, which is a perfect blend of harmony and peace- devoid of clutter and chaos. Well, a clutter free organized kitchen is the best. The more organized the kitchen is the more calm is the space.

  • Keep similar items with similar items. Like, all the spices should be kept together and frequently used ones should be accessible.
  • Organize and clean the cupboards on a regular basis. Toss items that have been there for a while and that are not opened like crackers, cookies and cereal. It is important to check supply on a regular basis and replace the items that are low. Do the similar thing with the refrigerator where items have expired for too long time. Wipe down all the shelves.
  • Create a coffee bar. In one area, add coffee cups, mugs, coffee maker and sugar.
  • Keep a separate snack drawer for children. In the refrigerator add a designated area for the children where they can have an access to snacks like fruits, yoghurt, and cheese.
  • Keep your workspace free from clutter.

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