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Valentine Day is approaching, so you must be searching ways on how to décor the bedroom. Well, to get alive with the spirit of Valentine Day, you need to be little creative. No doubt, red is color of the holiday, but you can even opt for purples and pink.


If you don’t have high budget, then these tips will be desirable for you because it do not make a hole in your pocket. Most of the items come from an affordable store. Even, if they are used outside, they can be reused again for the next year. Store these items carefully, so that they are not exposed to the moisture and you can use over and over again.


Outside the home, you can opt for miniature lights to highlight the bush, tree or railing. If you have white light, then the whole ambience will look great. You can use the same pink lights that you used to adorn the room. It will not only good, but it would also refresh your old memories.


If you pink or red lights then these will be the best way to décor your home. If not, put this item in the wish list to buy for the Christmas season. Majority of the stores like Walmart sells strings of solid color lights. You can bear in mind the holidays that you want decorate when you want to shop.


The next thing in the store is Valentine garland. Your local dollar store is the right place to purchase it. You can easily find the wire garland with red and pink hearts. Majority of the stores have tinsel type garland or cupids or hears and some are so wonderful. You can even opt for day colors like white and red, purple or pink.

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Once you string your lights outside, you can even use the Valentine garland to wrap around the railing. Although it looks great against the snow, but don’t fret if you have no snow there is nothing much to color to the February and the additional bright red garland will make your home look distinct.


Inside the home, you can decorate it with mini lights or you can even use the wire garland to top pictures that are hanging on the walls. You can decorate the entry ways with Valentine garland to make your home look vivacious.


Other option can be to use the fine crystal and use it as stand for lights, purple or red candles or a candy dish to display the hearts of lovers and of course wrapped Valentine’s Day chocolates. The little touches of the hearts and warm colors truly make the room romantic and it is the perfect way to celebrate the occasion.

lorist from lamour et fleurs recommends roses because they are the perfect flower for the Valentine Day and your mom and pop store is the best place to pick up the roses. You can use them to decorate by bending the stems and attaching it to the curtain rods.