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Wall paintings or wall art is not only the way to enhance the décor of the home but also expresses the owner’s personality. It also fills up the blank walls and makes it look interesting. If you are new to the field of interior design, you might think of many wall-art ideas like decorative plates, DIY wall art, framed galleria, straw hats, window frames, and needless to mention the framed art. The individuals also go for wall-papers and posters to make it look interesting. While there are many ways to decorate home walls nothing can beat the wall paintings that can make the home look divine and blissful.

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Here, in this article, we have mentioned 5 paintings that you can add on the home walls to make it look artistic.

1 Divine Theme painting for the living

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Paintings of religious entities like Lord Buddha promote spirituality and preserve good vibes in the home and add aesthetics. The detailed imagery is printed on the vinyl base that looks perfect in the living room or bedroom. The painting adds an interesting focal point to the room and cheers up the subdued walls. The painting is in digital format and is available as framed art is done on 7mm Heavy Duty MDF board. The painting is durable and will help you to create a spiritual nook in the home.

Add this painting to: Increase spiritual vibes in the home, ward off negative energy and let positivity enter in.

2 History and Indian culture paintings

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Indian culture is diverse and can be easily portrayed with the help of painting. So, if you are a proud Indian, showcasing this art-work would be a plus for your home. This is a digital art painting and you can buy it from various offline and online stores. You can stick the artwork that showcases the glorious past of Indian culture like of Mughal empire, Gupta empire, Mauryan empire, and the list is endless. The paintings play a big role in changing the home décor and introducing it into your home will definitely do the same. The artwork is printed on 200 GSM art paper, and will enliven the look of the home. The size of the painting that is easily available is 22 inches by 30 inches. The painting is also available in unframed version and it can be customized in different ways to suit the home décor.

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Add this painting if you are a proud Indian or is fond of versatile culture and tradition of Indian history. Rajasthani paintings rule the roost.

3 Garden themed paintings

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If you are a nature fanatic, adding these paintings in your home would be a great plus. It is one of the familiar themed paintings that are readily available across the stores. There are many options to choose. You can select lavender flower paintings, orchid flower paintings, lotus flower paintings, rose flower paintings, etc. You can even go for fruit paintings and place this artwork on the wall beside your indoor plants. It will add more energy to the home. Whether it is abstract nature paintings or painting with a pop of shades in watercolour, they look wonderful near the window sills.

Add this painting if you wish to add an energetic look to the home, or you wish to create aesthetic appeal in entryway or in the living room. You can easily find it from the retail stores.  It adds a stunning appeal to the home.

4 Folk Lore paintings

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The folk Lore paintings are another way to add a character to the home. You can add to the living room or the bedroom to make the home look enchanting. It is made from the original fabric or maybe from paper. The warmth of this painting will charm the guests. Moreover, these folklore paintings have something to say. They not only reflect the art and tradition of Indian society, but they also show a way to communicate with people. These paintings will hook your guests, and they look stunning on the blank walls.

Add these paintings if you wish to express something to the audience or charm them with Indian artwork. They add warmth to the home, thus making it comfortable.

Warli art, Madhubani paintings, and miniature paintings are some of the ancient art-work that you can add to your home. It can be a part of your home décor and is a beautiful waiver to the ancient era.

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5 Graphic Painting

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Digital art on canvas or paper has become a new choice due to affordability and high availability. Adding a burst of color on the paper adds character to the home and makes a dreary home look beautiful. These paintings add a focal point to the room. You can even add these paintings in the bathrooms to bask the attention of the guests.

Add these paintings if you wish to give your guests a personal and homely feel. These paintings add warmth to the bedroom and make the home look and feel special.

Apart from these paintings, you can add a list of other paintings to add character to the living space. Be it folk- lore or graphic painting, multiple themes can be added to the wall of  the home. These paintings further the look of home and lend an interesting appeal to the home. Add it to enhance the look.