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Think of this as mantra of interior designing. While we all don’t possess exquisite knowledge and detail about interior decoration- we can make our home look creative though. In some ways, interior decorating can be seen as a scientific formula with different steps, building blocks, as it will help to create own interior design. On the other side, it is art of decorating; a flair that doesn’t remain bound to specific formula, you can here begin to learn and how to develop it. How to do so? Well, here are some basic when it comes to interior decoration of room. By following below-mentioned steps you can create a peaceful and functional interior decoration space that takes out of four wall and let you think beyond that.


Mantra 1- Functional Layout is important


Interior designing starts with a functional layout of the room. To start with, we suggest you to search online for numerous free offerings of online tools for layout and design. In these design programs, you can input the measurements, furniture measurements and then see the home layout which is the best. We learn a lot from the floor plan mistakes, so why not virtually design the room first and avoid the drudgery of moving away heavy furniture around, and failing repeatedly to get a proper layout. Functionality of the home is dependant on individual style and preferences. IF you have an empty nest, then you may be more than willing to invest in expensive art pieces and room decor, while for busy families it is advised to stay away from decorative objects. Think about individual needs as a whole and then choose the right design software to achieve ideal layout.

Think about seating arrangements


Most designers will tell that if you are going to buy a single item, then let it be a sofa. Selecting the correct seating arrangement for home can be bit overwhelming. Which color to choose? What kind of fabric is the best? What size is the best? How much do you need to spend? What is the meaning of good quality sofa?  Well, our article provide you insights about  what is good quality sofa. Visiting numerous showrooms will help to hunt the perfect sofa according to your taste and preferences. But before venturing out to shop a sofa, it is important to measure. It would be awful to fall in love with a furniture piece that is too large or small for your space. In this case, we suggest you to narrow down your choices to few options and then select based on the highest quality. A sofa is a lifelong investment when the best quality is purchased, so buy the best. And select the fabric of the sofa that you won’t get tired of.. who wants to live with a floral or patterned couch for rest of the lives.

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Accentuate the home depending upon functionality


It may seem frivolous to add objects in a room that have no particular use. Why would you add something that is of no use? Well, the answer is simple- it makes a style statement, thereby adding visual appeal to the home decor. An eye for aesthetic is you can’t possess right away, but through trial and error you can detect the right decorative object for your home. A lot of interior designers say that if you are fond of something buy that and place it some where. It will definitely work. This formula may work for seasoned interior designers, but not for timid newcomers. If you think it is not adequate for you, we suggest you to hire designers who have seasoned knowledge. If you are at a loss, browse through magazines and interior showrooms to see what you love. Take notice of the way showrooms display their decorative objects; notice that most things are placed thoughtfully into groupings and not strewn about individually through the room. Most of all, buy what you love; what speaks to who you are.

 Green is new way of life


When we say incorporate green mantra in your home, the first thought is to add plants in the home. It is a design mistake. You may think that you have immaculately designed the room, but look to see where I can incorporate greenery and natural elements in home. It is surprising to see warmth and inviting feeling that tall potted plants adds to the home.  Immediately the home seems to be natural all together. There are various houseplants in the home that will render natural look to the home and make home brighter and air cleaner. Even if you consider yourself anything but a green conscious, you can add few houseplants in home interior design- you will glad to see the results.

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Add layers to a room


Layering is of paramount importance when it comes to comfort and warmth of the room.

A fuzzy area rug layered over the rooms main carpeting; pillows are perched in several layers on the bed, curtains layer on the windows, a blanket or a comforter add layers to the bed. All these elements lend cozy elements to the home and lend a visual appeal. While considering the layers think about the design that you wish to add in form of varying textures and fabric-think about adding velvet pillows, silk curtains, mohair blankets and plush area rugs. All of these elements will create a royal effect. Go from ooh to aah by layering your home today itself.