Gone are the days, when people used traditional aluminum containers to store the food for long time period. These days, people have become modern and use plastic containers to store the food. Since plastic container are dish washer and microwave friendly, people have started using this item more as compared to others. According to the experts, there is no harm in using these containers. However, it is harmful when you use it for long time period as the color of the plastic tends to food. This is the first indication to discard the plastic container. Another reason is when the food container become to smell uncanny, you should replace it immediately with a new one.

But, more than discarding the containers, looking after them is very important. one should ve aware about how to take care of plastic containers, so that they have long life span. So, what are you thinking about? Have a look at these steps on how to clean fancy looking plastic food containers.

When plastic smells bad- to get rid of foul plastic smell, follow these simple home remedies. Here are some steps on how to do so:

In a bucket full of warm water, add three tablespoon of baking soda. Immerse a plastic container in the bucket containing the baking soda water. Let the container soak in the solution for at least half an hour. Remove it and rinse the plastic container. If the smell still smells foul, try this next remedy.

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Remedy no 2- use lemon juice and vinegar- if the foul smell still persists, use a bucket of warm water and add lemon juice and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Let the plastic container to soak into this solution. After 10 minutes or so rinse the containers and wipe it dry.

Liquid chlorine bleach-another way to remove those nasty stains from plastic container is to use liquid chlorine bleach. Soak the stained container in the bleach for about half an hour. When it is done, remove the container and rinse it well with hot and soapy water. Don’t forget to wipe the container.

If the stain still appears, use large quantity of bleach to clean the container and remove the stain. To minimize staining of plastic containers, it is best to avoid storing food for long run. You also check whether the containers are microwace safe before heating it. If they aren’t plastic friendly, the plastic will degrade in the microwave and will become more likely to stain.