Built In Wardrobe Designs

Different storage spaces require different decor ideas. Here, we have mentioned some ways to transform the home’s storage spaces.

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Wardrobes are a quintessential piece of your home storage space. Gone are the days when people installed iron-framed almirahs in their homes to get the job done. Nowadays, people prefer to stay stylish even with wardrobe storage spaces. They even customize it according to their home decor. The market is inundated with so many interesting options. Here are some trends that are in.

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Adding Sliding mirror wardrobe

The sliding mirror wardrobe is a modern way to compile and store your clothing and accessories. It looks stunning, yet it is practical and will contribute to the home’s overall decor. It makes the room look airy and spacious, adding a premium and contemporary feel. The mirrors of different colours are in vogue.

Adding Fluted design wardrobe collection

This design is far from boring and adds a new look to your home. It adds texture and interest to the home and is decorative and elegant in style. The fluted finish adds distinct charm regardless of whether you have a modern or contemporary bedroom. It has become one of the global trends that is sure to stand here firmly for some time.

Adding Glass Wardrobe

The glass wardrobe designs have become a popular choice among modern bedrooms. It gels well with the new age homes, and the see-through wardrobe makes it easy to locate things and prompts you to keep them organized. The glass designs are available in shades like dark shade with black/gold/copper finish. You can use the right accessories to accentuate the look of the glass wardrobe so that it becomes pleasant to look at from the inside and outside.

Blend the wardrobe colour with other parts of the room

It is a common rule to follow the wardrobe colour with the other room parts to make it look trendy. The seamless blending of the colours will pop the interior space and make it look exclusive. It will make it a seamless part of your home space.

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Tinted glass finish

Another trend that is dominating the wardrobe market is using tinted glasses on it. The trend looks truly beautiful and versatile.

Don’t design the wardrobe just as your storage space

Don’t design your wardrobe thinking that it is just another storage space. Look at the wardrobe from a utility viewpoint and add a pop of colour and style to it using the abovementioned ideas.

For drawers

Chest of drawers

Drawers are another effective storage option that you require in the bedroom. They serve as an aesthetic appeal and a practical way to store zines, books and other items. The best drawers to look into is

It should be made from good wood.

If you opt for a chest, ensure that it is made from a good wood that is bound to last long and beautifies your home too.

Seamless frames with no knobs

Another trend dominating the chest market is people using drawers with seamless frames with no handles or knobs. You can install these drawers in the living room or bedroom to complement the overall decor.

Metallic pulls

The drawer with metallic pulls is another option to consider. They look sleek and add a vibrant look to the room.


There is one more trend that is hitting the market the casters. The casters have six drawers for storing the different items. To make it look organized, you can label them to pull out what you are looking for easily. These casters are easy to move.

Simple and minimalist

If you want simple and minimalist drawers, there are dozens of options. They are suitable for different home decor and seamlessly fit in your room.


Kitchenware Organizer

Another storage option is organizers. They are best for installing in the kitchen and reduce the need for cabinets and other storage options. In those organizers, you can store frequently needed things, which is easy for upkeep.

Plastic dividers

You can maximize the drawer space by using plastic dividers. These dividers will help you segregate the items, and you can easily pull out ladles and spoons without cringing your hands,

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Expandable cutlery holder

The cutlery holder is another smart way to store items in the kitchen. You will not need to search for the items because everything will be arranged appropriately in the cutlery tray. The tray has various compartments to store things.

Multipurpose storage racks

The storage racks increase the storage space, are crafted with plastic and can be retrieved smoothly.

These are the best storage options available to help you stay de-cluttered and organized; for more decor organization looks, stay tuned to our blog.