1 Diya DIY for Diwali by The Material Girls

After the pandemic, things are again returning to normal, and with the festive season dawning upon us, it’s time to set you loose and enjoy Diwali. Here’s how you can sparkle your home for the festival of lights.

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De-clutter your kitchen space

Kitchen spaces are the epicentre of enjoyment, whether on special days, pujas, or pujas or get-togethers. The best way to decorate your home is to de-clutter it by adding stylish storage jars, spoon holders, containers made from bamboo, wicker baskets, and compact storage assistants. They will save a lot of space, effortlessly serve your purpose, and improve the kitchen’s functionality.

Select the best dinnerware. Upgrade the look of the kitchen by using the best flatware collection. Since delicacies form an important part of the home during festivals. They will add to the grandeur of the occasion and bring graceful vibes. To spread the cheer and happy vibes, buy a fancy tableware collection that is not aesthetically pleasing but keeps the food warm for a longer time. The eclectic table decor would add a cool and contemporary quotient to the dining room. Given the recent health concerns, use anti-microbial dinnerware that will protect your health and is visually appealing.

Deck up the puja room

Many Indian households have a puja room dedicated to where one places the altar. You can improve the room’s look by adding flower petals, tea light holders, candles, and diyas. It can be complemented well by contrasting shades of rugs. You can also opt for handwoven rugs that uplift the overall ambience and add a divine touch to the home.

Decorate the home with flowers

Flowers have always been the embodiment of happiness. People like to decorate their homes in different styles, but marigold flowers remain the best pick for Diwali decor. You can fill a bowl with marigold flowers and place them at the centre table or hang those flowers on the walls to create a festive vibe. These flowers never go out of fashion and help create festive table settings. You can also place them at the corners.

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However, if you are exhausted from using the same old flowers in your home, use roses as a backdrop to improve the home space. You can place a terracotta Matka and place it at a table centrepiece. Or take a handful of roses and place them on a plate or around the tea light candles or diyas. Lotus is also a great option and will brighten up the look of your home.

It works well with your contemporary home decor.

Add a lot of diyas in your home

While the best way to sparkle the home during Diwali is to add a lot of twinkling lights in the home, the hardest part is to find sustainable lights that look good and last for a long. You can also make clay diyas at home with your family or decorate the diyas with paint. Other home lighting options are wood diyas, tea light holders, etc. They are a sustainable, reusable and convenient way to add light to your home. For a pocket-friendly option, you can make a wheat flour diya. You can also add a water candle to innovate your home experience.

Choose the perfect backdrop for your home

If you are creative and want to decode up the home’s blank space, add some colour to it using jharokha. These jharokhas shape the home decor and contrast well with the wall colour. You can create a lot of options out of it. If you don’t wish to go so far, you can use cushion covers, table runners and curtains to brighten the home’s look. You can use brass elements to accentuate the festive vibe. Even small things like fairy lights on a plant will uplift the mood.

You can decorate the home with Rangoli colours

Rangoli is the most promising way to celebrate the occasion. It is an art and an old Hindu tradition that people have followed for many years. This is the best way to decorate your space. You can make colourful rangolis and try some exciting ones like a peacock, flower designs, etc.

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Use incense sticks

Fragrance uplifts home decoration. So, beautify your home using itra and incense sticks. It will create a positive vibe in the home and beautify it.

One more thing that can beautify the home decoration and create a positive vibe is to make the environment pleasant by playing the bhajans of Goddess Lakshmi. It will make the occasion memorable.