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Popular winter themed rugs include seasonal rugs like snowflakes, winter scenes, etc. The other rugs are character designed like Santa, Snowmen and Christmas Trees.

Below here we have mentioned winter rugs featuring non seasonal theme that can be used throughout the year, while some rugs are designed specifically for the holiday season. You’ll find a variety of winter rugs of different style, design, shapes and price.

Frosty Snowman Rug

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This rug is made of acrylic and polypropylene; it is machine washable and does not fade away easily.

Wool and Silk Snowflake Area Rug

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This rug is high quality knotted oriental winter themed rug that measures between 3” to 5”.

Winter Pine Tree Rug

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The winter pine tree rug is a machine washable rug and it measures 22” by 34”. Use this rug in bedroom or courtyard, but don’t put outside directly exposing to sun.

Santa Area Rug

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This rug is available in three sizes. It is made up of premium nylon fibres. Moreover, it comes with a five year warranty.

Winter cabin Snowshoe Area Rug

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It measures 2” by 3” and it is made up of 100% wool also it is very durable.

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Winter Cabin Rug

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This rug is available for all year round.