bonsai wood version modular coffee table YY9Tr 48

If you are searching for smart coffee table design to integrate in your modern minimalist bedroom, then here we present an idea for the same. Here the rectangular table is made from lacquered wood which is there with hidden ottomans. If necessary, each of them can become as a comfortable seating place. The ottomans are covered with cotton fabric and dark gray padding, thus making extra light.






Further, the integrated small coffee table is perfect for small homes and it is a practical option for people who want a room that scores high in terms of aesthetics. A small coffee table is ideal for children’s room and it is not a bad idea either. Here you can also do stylish color combination or a combination that reflects personality of your room like white and dark grey are an elegant color combination and how you look at it. Incorporate some red flowers on the top to get the result.  Needless to mention, these coffee tables are versatile and it is meant for people who want to give false impression of enlarged space. So, these tables are mandatory in the present times to make your home look beautiful and elegant.

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