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Here are some points that will act as a guide on how to buy leather furniture:


Find out what grade of the leather you are buying, as it is important mark of quality and it also indicates the durability and price that you will be paying. Top grain leather comes from the outer surface of the animal’s hide while grades from lower surfaces are weaker. Grading is done according to the way the leather is prepared.


The three common kinds of finishes available for leather furniture are aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented leather. Anilines have visible markings in forms of scars, wrinkles, which gives it a rustic beauty. Think about a well-worn bomber jacket or an old wallet, and lustrous patina- they have developed with time. Aniline is also called as pure aniline- leather is soaked in the dye and has no other pigments or finishes.

Semi Aniline Leather Sofa
Semi-aniline or protected aniline leather comes with a little pigment or coating, so you get protection from fading and stains. Pigmented leather is called as such because it is fully treated with colour on the surface. It is made from low quality hide and is stiffer than former.

Pigmented Leather
If you have money, go for high quality supple leather that offers a luxurious feel, it come in different hides and quality. Pigmented leather has stiffer feel and is rightly buffed to get rid from imperfections. Pull up leather is treated with oil or wax or so when its stretched, it separates and you see a burst of color.