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Rustic home interiors are becoming more popular these days because of their country style vibe and laidback ambience. They are starting to be adapted even in contemporary homes, as many homeowners are looking for a rather relaxing atmosphere in an otherwise cramped and noisy neighborhood.

It is actually easy to create a rustic appeal in the home, and you can begin with the following accents:

rustic home accent

1. Add a bowl of potpourri in the side tables of the living room. Potpourri offers a fresh, flowery scent to the home, regardless if you’re living in an apartment or a house in the suburbs. You can place a bowl filled with potpourri in the living room so that the aroma of flowers and leaves would regularly remind you of home.

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2. Compliment the flowery freshness with scented candles. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a way to keep the home smelling fragrant without using air freshener, then light a scented candle instead. These are great alternatives to aerosol sprays, not to mention they keep mosquitoes out of sight.

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3. Use old furniture. Instead of buying new furniture, you may want to get a pre-loved one instead. The aged couch or the secondhand sofa adds more to the rustic vibe, as they are symbols of the vintage appeal. You can also use other old accents, such as wall frames and figurines.

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4. Add flowers in the windows. You may want to place small plants and flowers in the windows or terraces of the home. The blooms and greens promote a rustic vibe as well, as they substitute gardens in case your pad doesn’t have room for one.