Whether the kitchen is all white or all wood, leaving it decorated in a single color make it an ordinary space. Here are 5 simple steps on how to add zing to your kitchen and give it a personality all its own. From kitchen cabinet knobs to homemade pot racks, here are 5 simple ways to add beauty and color to your drab kitchen.

Add a unique floral central piece

Find a ceramic pot at home stores or thrift stores. Select something that is extraordinary beautiful and large. Place it on the centerpiece of your island or kitchen table to make it the center of attraction.

Add Hanging Pots in the Kitchen

Hanging Pots in the kitchen makes the room vivacious and lively. Copper pots, especially rustic adds pizzazz to the kitchen.

Add Kitchen Towels

Find the unique kitchen towels from arts and crafts show. Or choose a cheap but handsome towel from discount stores. Once the color of towel fades from washing, replace it with the new ones to keep the towel rack a beautiful spot of color.

Add Stylish Kitchen Knobs

Replace the kitchen knobs or handles with more stylish ones that will modernize the look. Leaf shaped knobs or twig handles are ideal for contemporary kitchen. Strawberry or apple shaped knobs liven up the rustic kitchens. Granite kitchen knobs add formality and metal ones add an air of cold precision.

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 Use Runners

The runners add a splash to the kitchen floor and help to keep the kitchen clean and tidy.