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Do you own a small apartment or want to give space to the kitchen? Well, wondering how. Here are some tips and tricks through which you can add space to the kitchen without making any changes in the budget.

Kitchen design
Tip 1: Create space in the kitchen: By adding railing
Yes, even the world’s largest chefs around the world require utensils and pots that are nearby, so why not get inspired from them. While installing a railing to the kitchen will not only render professional look to the kitchen, but it is also a convenient way to cook food.


Add Railing

Tip 2 Create space in the kitchen: By removing the doors
Want to create open space in small or medium sized kitchen? Well, don’t get furious, here’s a simple and cheap way to create space. Yes, you heard it right remove all doors from the cupboards and other storage areas, which are high. In this way, you’ll have less confined space, and a more pleasant place to cook the food. And if you think that your utensils will get dirty, then go for some glass doors that will let you peep inside the cupboards, while protecting them from daily harshness of the weather.

Remove Kitchen Cabinets
Open shelving - taking your cabinet doors off
Remove Cabinets

You’ll have a much less confined space, and a more pleasant one to live in.
And if you fear that your dishes and utensils will get too dusty, try out some glass doors that will let you see inside your cupboards while protecting them.
Tip 3: Creating more space in the kitchen: By Incorporating shelves in the kitchen

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Add Shelves
Add Shelves

Rather than adding mess in your cupboard and pantry closet, make optimum utilization of sections of empty walls and add kitchen shelves. In this way, you will be able to add more storage space, plus through this way you will be able to showcase fancy kitchen ware and other products to the guests. All this makeover for virtually nothing cost. Isn’t it amazing?