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An island in a large kitchen makes a great impact on the overall décor of the home. When you have spacious kitchen, you should definitely go for kitchen island. This feature apparently has become popular among those who have big kitchens, thanks to various uses-it can become a place of storage, a place to cook, a place to relax and have meals. This kind of design works the best for open kitchens, especially if you have a large dining room attached but it can also for other kitchens too. In our country where the concept of joint family till exist this kind of kitchen works the best because you have many people working at different stations at a particular time.





The gas stove or induction when incorporated on the island kitchen in the centre can be easily accessed by everyone from different sides. The generous area lets people to cook together at same time. With an island kitchen, you can vanish away with the separate dining area because island kitchen helps people to settle down and eat. Kitchen island serves multiple purposes- like you could use it as a dining area or a work area or cook and serve place that act as a hob along with seating or a place to cut and cook. With modular kitchen, you can become as creative as possible.

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