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Teaching young kids about fundamentals of bathroom responsibilities can be a challenging task. Starting from toilet training to brushing of teeth to decorating kids’ bathroom can be difficult. Decorating a kid’s bathroom can borrow design inspiration from the bedroom. With color, organization and areas, these small creative minds can provide you design cues. Depending upon the age of the kids, you can use these tips. For younger children, primary and bright shades are inspiring and for older children consider mature shades of neutrals and pastels. Here are some tips on how to decorate kid’s bathroom:


Create a colorful backdrop for bathroom-while most plumbing fixtures remain in neutral shades of white, bone or brown, the backdrop behind them could be fun and prolific. Consider painting vanity cabinetry, walls, wallpaper and add famous quotes on the walls. Be careful about using wall stickers because the humidity level in the bathroom may cause them not to adhere well.


Keeps wall crisp and clean with durable surfaces– when decorating a kid’s bathroom, it is important that wet areas like toilet, sink and bathtub surfaces are easily cleanable. Ceramic walls, tiles, scrubbable wall paint and beadboard paneling are another option to consider.


Illuminate the bathroom adequately– This tip is perfect for any bathroom! You don’t want to have dark phases in the bathroom. For cleanliness issues and to see what your kids are doing, it is important to illuminate the bathroom. The best lights for kids’ bathroom are:


  • Wall sconces
  • Tubelight
  • Overhead ambient lights
  • And even pendant lights over the vanity are best as it doesn’t cast shadows

It is important to teach your kids importance of organizationwhen decorating a kid’s bathroom is important to make your children understand the importance of organization, so that they can find items easily. Vanity sinks with open shelving below, bath toy storage with suction cup holders and baskets and toiletries will help kids keep their bathroom neat and tidy.


Small fixtures are best for little one’sWhether you believe it or not that there are small plumbing fixtures that are perfect for toddlers and small children too. There are mixed reviews about smaller fixtures that are good for teaching kids how to use the bathroom. It is important to make the kids learn that these options to exist for your growing child.

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Accessorize the bathroom in a budget-while you can spend a lot of money in decorating a kids bathroom, but it remember you don’t need to do so. Remember simple plain accessories are also available in the market. These are affordable and make a great impact too! Starting from colorful linen to area rugs to shower curtains to holders, everything can contribute to make the bathroom look beautiful.


Select a theme for bathroom- if you don’t know how to decorate kid’s bathroom, consider adding a theme that your kids can enjoy. Starting from animals to sports to adventurous to fun pass time activities to cartoon characters, there are endless options to select from. If your child is mature enough, ask them about their opinion as to how they would like to decorate the bathroom.


Consider bathroom safety measuresmake sure that their bathroom has proper safety measures instilled in the home décor. While beautiful vanity cabinetry crystal knobs may look beautiful, but if it is not secured correctly they can be hazard for little one. Ensure that the cabinetry, harmful chemicals and decorative items are not easily accessible for kids.


Update teenager bathroom- starting from older children to teenagers there is an overwhelming desire to over accessorize the bathroom and color coordinate the décor may not be too strong. Instead opt for some temporary accessories that can change the mood of your child. Accessories like colorful towel, coordinated artwork hung on the wall, may be all the requirements need to make your teen comfortable in the space.


Try to keep it simple-its simple to get wrapped up in decorating a single room of the home. Remember it is fun to decorate kid’s bathroom and seek inspiration from blogs, interior design magazines and visiting the local stores. Many stores offer simple ways to décor bathroom. Starting from coordinated color schemes to accessories that you can mix and match. Not much thinking is needed.

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Bringing all these 10 elements together for your kid’s bathroom décor can be simple, enjoyable and tedious task, but with these tips in force you can decorate it easily. Consider the age of child when decorating kid’s bathroom and also their lifestyle. If you are a working parent and doesn’t have lot of time to clean up, accessorize the bathroom with toys and accessorize it with wicker baskets. Remember, you are teaching the kids, so it should be as inspiring as possible. Let them enjoy bathing and creative learning.