cute and ecological furniture for kids room by hiromatsu eco

Children room and play areas are always cause of concern among parents and care takers. When deciding to change paint shade, renovate furniture or revamp the rooms, the eco-friendly option is best for child’s health and planet Earth indeed. Products that are natural green will help you. Here are some tips on how to renovate the kids room in safe and natural way.


Wood finish– starting from wood trim around the windows and doors, to nursery furniture to everything, your children has wood that can be recycled. Especially for nursery toys and cribs for small children. Consider using food safe wood oils that can be used on wood cutting boards. For painting of furniture and sealing, use products that are made from linseed and hemp seed oils that are non toxic when inhaled.


Flooring for the home- if removing of the current flooring is under your renovation plan, consider the tips when using the carpet. Ask the expert on how to apply the products. Adhesives can be toxic or irritating. It is not good for sensitive family members. When selecting carpet, opt for natural fibers.


Painting of the home– when painting the walls of children’s room use low volatile organic compound paint. Fumes from VOC can be dangerous and cause unhealthy conditions for your child and environment. Check the paint manufacturer who sell eco friendly paints and finishes to complete your painting job. Your nearby paint improvement store may also have selection of eco-friendly paints.

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Window décor– when selecting window treatments make sure that there is a way to block harmful sun rays. Valances are stunning, but there needs to be a way to protect direct heat that can be damaging for children and fabrics. Here are some eco-friendly suggestions for selecting window treatments. Use materials like hemp, jute, cotton or wool that provide beauty as well keep heat at bay. If using roller shades, go for PVC free variants.


How to protect the room-if you are planning to renovate the home while living their only, take precautionary measures while building tools and methods. Seal the renovation areas from other territories of the home, and open windows and doors to let construction dust and pollution to leave the home. Change the air filters immediately once the renovation work is done to allow ventilation system to filter out dust particles. Once the renovation work is done, clean the surfaces properly like bedding, carpet with eco friendly products and allow the air to vent out for a few days. If possible let children stay out of the room and sleep in another room for a few days.

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