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Not all homes have big bedrooms. This can be a problem, especially for teens who are starting to store more things in their bedrooms; in time their limited space would no longer be able to accommodate the new items that they’re going to bring in.

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However, there are many ways in which small teens bedrooms can be modified to utilize the floor space. Among these quirky tips are:

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1. Use a pullout bed that can be hidden under a platform. A good way to maximize space for teen bedrooms is to use a pullout bed. You may install one on a side of the room, with the platform serving as additional space to accommodate a study area. This kind of setup is actually ideal for busy teens, as they can easily push back their bed into the platform in order to make the room clean right away. They also have enough space for studying and other activities on top of the platform surface.

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2. Adding hanging shelves. Instead of placing drawers and cabinets, you may want to install hanging shelves instead. These shelves make more use of the aerial space in the bedroom without affecting the floor area. Many items can be placed on these shelves, such as books, personal items, decors and other personal belongings.

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3. Go for solid block color schemes. Solid block color schemes make a small room bigger and cleaner. You may want to apply this in a teen’s bedroom to help make the cramped room wider to the eyes. The solid color shade also gives space for décor, thus the occupant has an area to serve as a gallery for his/her memorabilia.

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Rooms can be decorated many different ways, and for many different reasons. Sometimes factors like the size of the room can dictate how it is designed. But finding ways to utilize options like discount fabric or an oddly shaped room is up to the individual and ultimately allows for creativity and efficiency