Peppa Pig Toddler Bed1 185523 L

Peppa Pig Furniture- does this name astound you? Well, this is a new range of furniture will be loved by your child. It will be loved by your child. Let your creative juice flow:

460pep peppa pig table and stools

Official Peppa Pig Bedding- This bedding is really chic and looks really lovely, bright and colorful. This cheery seaside theme is suited for single beds and it includes a duvet cover and a pillow case.


Peppa Pig Furniture Storage- This kind of storage furniture is best for kids who likes a lot of accessories, books and even more. This kind of storage furniture is must in your bedroom. This gorgeous Peppa Pig furniture range will surely catch anyone’s attention. It serves dual purpose like storage and aesthetics.


Peppa Pig Desks- These kind of desks are best suited for eating, coloring, drawing, arts and crafts. It is a best place for a tete-a-tete. The peppe range is truly wide and with this gorgeous table and desks, you can change the look of the room.


Peppa Pig Bedroom Furniture- This furniture will add a zing to your bedroom. To complement it add a Peppa bed or Peppa themed bedroom or you can even opt for Peppa wardrobe.

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Peppe Sofa- Now this 2 in sofa is truly comfortable and it comes with removable soft cosy cover. What’s more- it is machine washable and is ideal for ages 3+. So, add this in their bedroom.