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Wallpapers are an ideal way to adorn your kid’s bedroom. The lively and vivacious colors give your kid bedroom a bubbly look. Here are some wall papers that can make your kid chirrup.

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Wall Murals

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Wall Murals provide a calming effect to child’s room. Consider decorating it with pale cream or beige color. If you think the space is small, consider using pastel shades that will make the room look bigger and spacious.

Animated characters

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So, when you are done with the wall murals, now it’s the right time to apply wall decals. The wall decal can be in any form beautiful and sordid fishes, their favorite cartoon character, animated figure or the natural scenes of under sea water.

The beautiful sky with shining stars

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You can even adorn the mural with shining stars in the black deep night. There are a huge range of options available in the market. All you need to do is to consult your interior décor. Even ask for how many rolls are required to decorate the room and keep some rolls as a contingency plan.


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If you really want your child to glee you can apply rainbows and butterflies. It will strike attention of your child at once and if you are planning to decorate the room for your fairy, don’t forget to add wall decal enriched with magical things. Girls really like them.