The concept of sofa design has been evolved over last few years. Now it has transformed from brick and mortar type of furniture to a luscious way to design your living room.

Here we have enlisted modern sofa designs that will add style and sophistication to your living room.


It is one of the amazing sofa designs that I have come across. It is made up of polyurethane resin coating elastic tissue. The most wonderful thing of this sofa is it has lamps on both the sides. They are flexible and can be adjusted for reading purpose.

Abaco Loveseat


This sofa is exquisitely designed by Italian fashion designer with the aim to provide comfort and sophistication. It comes with adjustable seat and headrests.

AirLounge System

The air lounge system is a soft that is made up of polyurethane foam. Straps are attached to the structure that assists in suspension of seat.

Sofa Bruhl

It is a glamorous sofa that incorporates elegance and sophistication.  The delicate curves make it comfortable for seating and provide lots of comfort.

Eturn Sofa

The sofa is brainchild of Kundalini and is made up of lacquered glass. It is labeled as contemporary sofa ideal for office building.

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Ludus sofa is a blend of comfort and space. It has shelving system at the back that makes your living easy and comfortable.

Infinity Shaped Sofa


As the name suggests infinity shaped sofa has taken inspiration from the symbol of Infinity.

Punching Bag Sofa

If you always felt for a need of punching bag in the living room, then your search ends here. This sofa has a punching bag that lets your aggravation and energy flow in a right direction.