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If you don’t have a large space or want to create a large cupboard to store the clothes, then crafting a closet out of nothing can prove to be a difficult task. Hence, here we offer you the steps on how to organize the closet without many efforts.

Think about the usage of the closet

To meet your needs, the closet should be well thought of. Before thinking about installing the closet, it is important that you know how to organize the things and clothes that you want to put into it. Take out time to count the sweaters, shirts, pants, trousers, etc. Next, you need to determine the appropriate range of items for the storage. For instance, if you have many t-shirts or formal shirts, then you need to prioritize shelves. In case, you need a big wardrobe space, when it comes to shirts, jackets and trousers. If you have another family member living under the roof, then you need to take into account various needs. A clothes closet for a single person is different for multiple people.

The cost of the clothes closet varies from the next. The minimum total cost for the clothes could be around Rs 500 and in case you plan to buy the kit, then you need to spend a little more. If crafts and patience are not your forte, then you need to hire a professional, who will need a tailored closet to fit the space. The price is much higher. Usually, it may cost around $ 2000.
Target the right space

Dedicated Room
If you are lucky enough to have an empty room that you can turn into walk-in closet. Plan a minimum of 40 to 65ft, in case you want to add clothes in the closet. Commencing from 40 ft, design possibilities are innumerable. You can go for a U shape configuration that allows everyone to have a specific area covering three walls of the room. Another idea could be the double I shape, which offers two kinds of storage space on two opposite walls. L shape bedroom is another option to cover the walls.

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If your bedroom has a fairly large area, then you can exchange the furniture space for a real walk-in closet. In a wall, for better visibility or in a corner to maximize the space, the closet can be created around the headboard or wall to separate the bedroom for bathroom.

If you dream of the closet, but not a single room of the home how can you accommodate it? Don’t panic. Here’s the solution. If you have a hallway wide enough at least 2.5 feet, you can use the space to create the closet.
Unlike the bedroom or any kind of dedicated room, its best to go for the closed closet to hide the excessive clothes.

Sometimes, the bathroom proves to be a perfect spot to create the closet that meets the expectations. If the space allows it, then you can create a separate room into two different parts: the bathroom space and dressing room area. If the solution is to install the closet in the bathroom appeals you, know that window or ventilation system is essential items that you can’t avoid.