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Interior decoration and designing are both distinct terms that should not be misidentified as similar. For example, you décor Christmas tree, but don’t design it. You will be easily able to decorate child cot by adding few stars and planets. In past interior decoration was limited to aristocrats, but now everyone wants to change the outer space. Everyone tries to add something or other to beautify the house.




 This is where contemporary interior decoration comes into picture. In this sense it could be distinguished as undecorated interior. High end piece of furniture can be formed using plywood, wood, leather and linen fabrics. Coffee table can be added along with aerodynamic patterns. Carpets with neutralized colors can be added to the room.

Color- Neutrals like black and white are the main colors for contemporary bedroom. The palette is often punched up and accented with bright colors. Black is used to ground and define a contemporary style room. With walls painted in basic material in a basic neutral, you have wonderful backdrop of bold colored accessories. If the walls and windows are painted in the pastels, the trims should be neutral. If a wall is bright and bold color neutrals should be used every where else.

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Contemporary Furniture- Smooth, clean, geometric shapes are necessary for contemporary style furniture. Upholstered furniture is black, white or other neutral tones in textured natural fibres. Cover it in neutral, black or bold fabric. Fabric tend to have a natural look found in cotton, wool, linen, silk and jute.



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