35 Dining Room Chandelier chandelier

A chandelier creates a huge impact on the dining room. It is a fusion of distinctiveness and uniqueness. Though, it can be a tedious task to find through catalogs and showrooms, but with these guidelines one can easily pick the perfect chandelier for their dining room.

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Here are the tips

The first and foremost thing is you should measure the width of the table.  The width of chandelier should never be more than the width of the table. The rule of thumb is it should be 12 inches less than the width of dining table.

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The next tip is to measure the proportions of the room. One should be able to create a perfect balance in the dining room. The furniture and fixture should be of right size. It should not be too small that it gets lost in the room and it should not be too large that it overwhelms the room.

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The next thing is to compute the distance from table surface to ceiling. The rule of thumb is- the chandelier should be 30 to 34 inches from the top of the dining table, especially for 8 foot ceilings.

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Check out the colors of the rooms. If the room is filled with warm or earth colors, opt for gold or bronze finish. If the room is filled with cold colors like blue or white, opt for silver or black finish. Try to bring fabrics and color and check whether they complement with the chandelier or not.

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See the style of the room. If it is formal room, opt for an impressive chandelier. While, if the room is brimmed with antique furniture, opt for complicated chandelier designs with hanging looks.

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See the illumination factor. A chandelier with lot of bulbs can be too overwhelming. Ensure how bright or dim chandelier, you need in a room. If it’s the only source of illumination, make it powerful enough.

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