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Kids will always remain kids. Cleaning up the home is a full time job in most of the cases but on other side putting restrictions on them means sucking out fun from their lives. Here are few things that you need to consider:

Wicker Baskets


Baskets come in various shapes and sizes and it need to be present in your child’s room. They are the one of the most kid friendly option. It is because of the fact kids can store the things easily in the baskets rather than on the shelves.  It will be difficult for them to arrange their toys in an orderly way but if you give them a basket where they can put their toys, you can see the wide difference.

Label the boxes


Labeling is important. Seriously, it will make things orderly for you. Whether it is clothes, toys, books or stationery it is important to categorize and label them. It is important to give your child a specific place to store a particular object. They will know exactly where to store their belongings and best of all they will know where exactly to find them. It will save lot of time and energy which would be otherwise will be wasted in finding things.

Store the items


If you think that you are low on storage space then look further. Kid’s bed is the best place to store things. You can store their belongings under his/her bed but ensure that it remains easily accessible. You can do this by storing these belongings in bins that have wheels or that have handles. If you can use this space cleverly, you don’t need to worry about cleaning under the bed.

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Add pegboards


Pegboards are traditionally used to hang tools like drills, hammers, screwdrivers in a garage. But slowly and steadily they are making their entry in the homes too in form of pretty storage option. You can get one of these fixed in your child’s room and hang everything starting from toys to stationery. You can even have room painted to match your child’s room so that it fixes well.

Storage space on the wall


We always complain about less storage space, but we forget the most important space of the home-which is the walls. The walls can handle your family galleria. In the case of your child, you can add hooks on it and make them hang their clothes or bags. It is a very traditional storage option. This additional storage space can offer a lot of flexibility.