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The dream of having a spacious mansion might remain same for people, especially with low budget. If you are one among those who want his/her own space but cannot afford to own a big space, then condos or studio apartments are best suited for your purpose. The space will be so tiny that you need to have furniture that complements with your home space.


If you are one among them who loves to sleep in cozy areas, the loft bed is perfect piece of furniture for you. Since normal beds are one of the most space consuming furniture, it’s but natural to replace it with something that offers you more space. And this is where loft beds come into picture. Though finding a studio apartment with an in-built loft might not be difficult for you, but you can always create one and get a professional life for you. Those spaces would work well.


Take advantage of space below by converting it into a space that you use often. The space works perfect for tiny office space or you can convert it into a room that can be used as a living room, but take care of the seating arrangement. Add your sofa towards the corner of the loft and you have remaining space to adjust it for yourself. Add low lying tables. If you don’t want your guests to notice loft, hide it by adding statement drape! If you have many guests staying at your place, twin loft bed works best for you.

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Compared to a normal queen or a king sized beds-loft beds are cheaper. And because most of the bottom section doubles as seating area, you save some money too. Though there are several benefits of having a loft bed, there are advantages as well. In several cases, the injuries have also been resulted due to loft bed. Hence, be little bit careful and this could be averted. One thing that might deter you is difficulty in changing bed sheet. Because the space is so low, tidying it up could be difficult task. Though loft beds are best choice, as they not only help you to organize space but also come in shoe string budget.


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