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Nurseries are rooms that have to be decorative and functional at the same time. True, it can be difficult to fuse these two features in one place, but as a parent you should think about how to keep this room entertaining despite the tendency of getting soiled and dirty every once in a while.

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So how can you decorate your nursery to achieve a fun, clean look while at the same time fool proofing it from dirt and grime? Here are some tricks that work:

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1. Use washable materials. The nursery is not always cute; since this your baby’s personal space, it is always exposed to all sorts of dirt and clutter. You may want to use washable materials from the furniture to the flooring, so that the soiled areas can be cleaned right on the spot.

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2. Have a pantry present. Babies are often dressed, undressed and cleaned up, thus their clothing and accessories should always be within reached. Apart from a closet, you may want to place a pantry inside the room where you can place the most important things used for your child on a daily basis without getting cluttered, including bottles, diapers, onesies and other items.

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3. Rugs are there to catch the dirt. Lastly, it may be helpful to place rugs on the floors of the nursery. They do more than just keep the floors warm; they also protect the surface from getting soiled. Dirt and other messy items that fall on the floor are caught by the rugs, thus you are able to save time cleaning as you only have to get them out of the room, and then do minimal washing on the stained areas of the nursery.

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