kidartwork 03

Instead of letting your child drawings spread here and there in form of clutter, here are few simple tips to artfully hang the artwork.

Matching frame– if your kid’s artwork doesn’t fit into a normal type of frame- especially your child’s drawings that have 3D elements like cotton balls or pipe cleaners. Buy some old frames or buy cheap ones from the craft store and paint it with spray paint to create a uniform look.


Create art wall– It is one of the essential and least expensive ways to stylishly display the artwork. All you require is twine, clothespins and nails. You can even make another art project by having your kids decorate the clothespins with paint.


Collage– It is one of the big investments to make, hence think about professional, who can help you in that. Create a collage print with smaller images of your child’s artwork.


Wall display-to create a rustic look in the home, take stained wood boards and hang them horizontally on the walls.


Add wall decal– for a low cost option, opt for wall decal. Hang the art with thumbnails and tape.