Christmas table centerpieces Interior Design Blogs

The lovely Christmas centerpieces set the mood of the holiday. There are a variety of choices that make your selection easier.

Floral Center Piece

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T114 1B Interior Design Blogs

This beautiful candle centerpiece is adorned with the floral and poinsettia arrangements that elevate the holiday spirit.
Maine Balsam Centerpiece

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box of greens lg Interior Design Blogs

It is a kind of traditional centerpiece that adds a beautiful candlelit ambience to your dining table.

Candelight on your Christmas Table

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Christmas 2010 Dining Table Interior Design Blogs

This centerpiece convey merry Xmas in the most beautiful and warm way. This candle arrangement is perfect for any kind of a holiday table.

Christmas Candles

christmas candles wallpaper 005 Interior Design Blogs

HDChristmas Candles 1 Interior Design Blogs

christmas candles1 Interior Design Blogs

christmas candle table Interior Design Blogs

You can select from a wide variety of Christmas candles like peppermint holiday candle holder with floral centerpiece, Darice LED Taper candle-2 pack, holiday Christmas Candle decorative table linen, Poinsetta candle holders, LED Candy Cane candles Christmas Table décor candlelights.

Christmas Star Lighted Centerpiece

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It is all lit glowing centerpiece with beautiful candles and moss décor.

Sweater Wrapped Votives

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DSCF2566 Interior Design Blogs

This looks simple and beautiful. To add coziness to the whole look add sweater cuttings of the old sweater and wrap around the glass. Do monitor the burning candle.

Glass Coche Light Display

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christmas light illuminated glass cloche Interior Design Blogs

It is a battery powered light strands that adds ambience to the table both- indoors and outdoors.

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Top strands of light with glass coches light up the eyes during dinner.

Mossy Gift Box Centerpiece

Original Layla Palmer Mossy Gift Box Centerpiece Beauty Shot Close s4x3 lg Interior Design Blogs

design happens fifty flowers wreath357x362 Interior Design Blogs

It is an eye catching and nature inspired centerpiece- all you need to do is to make it moss covered and ribbon adorned at the focal point.

Silver and White Centerpiece

12904a Silver Elegance Centerpiece Interior Design Blogs

Original Marian Parsons White Silver Centerpiece s4x3 lg Interior Design Blogs

This centerpiece creates a classic look. Decorate it with ornaments, tree, mercury glass candle holders, etc.

Add some lovely centerpieces to your home, as it will surely grab eyeball of all your guests.