There are enough of Lamp shades for a living room available in the market. These lamp shades are used to highlight a particular corner, wall or certain area of the room. They are available in various sizes, shapes, materials or designs; however, there are two major kinds of lamp shades: hard lamp shade and soft lamp shades, but they come in various shapes. Let’s explore some of different type of lamp shades available in the market.


Type of lamp shades available in the market.
Hard and Soft Lamp Shades
Hard Lamp shades- Hard shades are made from paper or from fabric, laminated on a plastic styrene liner. Styrene, is also called as vinyl benzene and phenol ethane, it is basically a chemically prepared material. There are two kinds of wire rings: lower and upper. All the materials available are wrapped around these strings with help of glue or tape.

Soft lamp shades- these shades are made from fabric with different designs and patterns that form the outermost layer. A dark and solid color fabric liner makes a inner layer. Shades with curved detailing can be made with help of soft shades.

Kinds of Lamp Shades
As the name suggests, these lamp shades resemble a drum, or to be simple it is cylindrical shaped lamp shades. Drum shaped lamp shades is available in different diameter, shapes, high or low. Once a lamp shade is fixed, drum shades can scatter the light outside the ceiling and floor.

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Coolie- A notable difference between top and bottom diameter is seen in coolie lampshades. These shades are narrow from the top and wide from the bottom. It resembles a triangle to a certain extent.

Empire Lamp shades- these lamp shades are narrow from the top and broad from the bottom. These kinds of shades are generally used and installed on the ceiling or on the standing lamps.

Bell lamp shades- these lamp shades are akin to empire lampshades, but they have flair at the bottom, which resembles a bell. Narrow from the top and broad from the bottom, bell shaped lamp shades are used as floor and tables.
Besides the above-mentioned lamp shades, a lamp shade can be of any shape like geometrical, oval or square.
Kind of material used for lamp shade
A wide range of materials are used for making lamp shades like glass- plain glass, tinted glass, stained and tiffany
Fabric- a wide range of fabric can be used like silk, cotton, leather, wicker: strands of dried plants woven together, wax, paper, metal, brass, ceramic and wooden shades.

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