minimal furniture in the room1

The most important rule while decorating a small space is to include only the items that you like. In a small space there should not be anything that makes you feel sad. Keeping that in mind, check out below-mentioned tips for designing a small space.



Add versatile furniture

Whenever possible try to add furniture items that serves more than one purpose. For instance, you can add an Ottoman that has large storage space. It can be used as table, seating, as a place to keep store books, blankets, remote and a dining room table with desk can be used, a daybed covered in pillows can be easily folded into a couch can be used.



Keep minimal clutter


Try to avoid over-accessioning. Minimal is the key to success. Instead of having decorative accessories you can add items that add a personal touch and charm. It can be anything like a statue, sculptural that can serve lamp dual purposes. Or try something as a storage items like a decorative pieces displayed on mantels, bookshelves. Every item should serve more than one purpose.

Experiment with colour

decorate a small living room

The best way to decorate a small room is to add colours and patterns when decorating the same. If it suits your style and personality, try it. However, being in a small space is not daunting, all you need to do is to select right patterns and textures. Dark colours won’t make the space look big, but they make a space lively and dramatic.