A balcony is a beautiful addition to the home to enjoy warmer months and it provides comfortable place to enjoy the amazing weather. Even smallest balconies can accommodate two people to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. This article offers you deep insights on how to décor the balcony on Christmas eve

Lights– You can add several strands of light either of white color or colored. The christmas lights can be strung through the railings of the balcony or it can be used in the outside frame. It is in your best interest to use appropriate lights for outdoor use so that they don’t become damaged during harsh weather conditions. The strings of Christmas lights with larger bulbs can be used ; if you want to give a dramatic look to your balcony.

Christmas Wreath– The beautiful evergreen or a pine cone wreath can be hung in the balcony railing or inside the wall to create an amazing festive decoration for your home. Even you can add several mini wreaths that  in balcony for simple and beautiful effect. There are a variety of Christmas wreaths available in the market and surely you’ll get the perfect match for your home and style.

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Red or Green Cushions– If your balcony is protected and you can leave the furniture outside, then consider switching to festive red and green pillow set.

Pinecones– The large bowl of pinecones with glitter or artifical snow looks amazing in the home balcony. You can even scatter a trail of pine cones on the floor for artful display.

Artifical Poinsettias– the poinsetta plant is a symbol of Christmas season. The large artifical poinsettia plants in decorative pots add a festive splash to your balcony.

Miniature Christmas Tree– A small to medium sized artifical Christmas tree is a wonderful way to add a touch of décor to your balcony. Don’t forget to decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments and decorations that will not be damaged by winds.