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Christmas Decoration is a blend of fun and exhiliration, especially when mind is filled up with new ideas and inspiration. With colorful themes the rustic room can be transformed to modern room. Here, we have mentioned the different color ideas that may inspire you.

Brown– Although brown is an unusual color theme, but the decoration with this color is so pretty. The color is earthy and sober and yet the whole look is uncluttered and super stylish.

christmas tree golden brown decoration theme idea holiday decor mantel fireplace noel unique color combination stylish elegant Interior Design Blogs

christmas tree golden brown decoration mantel fire place theme idea holiday decor dinner setting living room decoration noel unique color combination stylish elegant Interior Design Blogs

Pale Pink with shimmering shades– This is an ideal Christmas decoration for girl’s room. The snowflakes on tree and tinsel decoration can turn outr to be a beautiful decoration.

pretty pink color theme christmas holiday decoration for unique inspiration idea look modern style Interior Design Blogs

Clock Christmas tree GTL1205 de Interior Design Blogs

White Christmas Tree with Teal Blue Color– The white Christmas have become rage in present times. This decoration looks stunning and amazing

white christmas tree colorful theme ideas decoration teal blue stylish very unique combination for holiday decor idea Interior Design Blogs

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Pink and White- The pink and white décor is an ideal décor for girl’s room. Adding white Christmas tree with white bauble can turn the room very pretty.

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unique christmas tree ideas Interior Design Blogs

Neon Yellow– the neon yellow and pink color is so modern and too creative to blend with. This decoration really looks fun and chic.

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christmas tree yellow Interior Design Blogs

White and Orange– To give retro look to the room use a combination of white and orange. An ideal color scheme is white+orange+green+blue. The whole apperance is very retro and unique.

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Blue+Teal+Bronze– This color combination is a stunning and perfect  for those who want to add a new dimension to the room.

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To make the room look really beautiful use handmade wreath, pine cone decoration and candles in birch. It is a very charming theme.