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Your wall can reflect new personality and with some spectacular wall finishes the home can look truly modern. Here are some types of popular wall finishes that will make you fall in love with such kind of walls.

Stained Glass Wall Finish
Walls can be decorated with stained glass finish that has been colored in different pattern, frosted, etched and carved creatively. The colors of the glass should complement with other furnishings, so that it totally go with the theme of the room.

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Pebble wall finish
It is innovatively designed wall finish that comes in different shapes like small and flat shaped pebbles that can be pasted all over the walls to give it unique style and finish. The pebbles can be easily painted to match the relevance of interior decor. Usually, the pebbles wall finish is preferred for the outer walls to enhance thematic landscaping.


Flakes wall finish
Stone flakes made from natural shade or color shade can be applied all over the wall to give it a rustic finish and texture. This kind of finish is best for external walls, so that chipping of flakes don’t create impact on cleanliness of interiors. It can be easily applied over the walls with assistance of adhesive solution.
Coral wall finish
This type of finishing plaster is similar to Plaster of Paris and Gypsum Plaster. It imparts rough and jagged texture to the walls.
Canfor Wall Finish
If you are fond of stone and brick effect on the walls, Canfor finish is the best. It is apt for interior walls and makes ambiance appealing.
Wooden wall finish
Wooden materials made from veneer, plywood and laminate can be used for ornamental decor on the walls. It comes in various designs and colors for perfect coordination with overall decor of the room.
Sandy Wall Finish
Sandy wall finish can be given to the wall by embossing it with fine texture sand. The sand grains can be easily adhered to the walls with help of spray gun. However, this kind of fish is less preferred as loose sand grains tend to fall off with the wall surface.
Dressed up wall finish
Walls of different rooms can be often adorned up with different materials to create a look that complements with overall ambiance of the room. For instance, the leather finish is apt for study room and jewelled and shimmering wall finish look stunning in formal bedrooms.

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