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The look of a bathroom can be changed easily, thanks to different paint and color schemes available in the market. Selecting paint over installing tiles is the new option, but it is not always practical choice. With different splash backs, condensation and water related concerns, paint may not be considered a feasible option, as it may get damaged over a certain time period. This can be avoided by following certain guidelines. Here are some tips that you need to consider, while selecting the right paint for the bathroom.


Paint for the bathroom

Before zeroing upon any paint, it is important to consider the humidity of the bathroom. Ceilings and walls need to be paid due attention. Though splashes and condensations play a vital role, the paint needs to be water resistant and it should be able to maintain its color for the entire year. If paint can be washed, it is good enough. For areas around the shower, bath and sink where the condensation is most impervious paint is required. In case, you are not sure about this, go for specialized bathroom paint. Thanks to thin layer of protection, walls can be easily preserved from moisture and aggression.


Which paint is apt for the bathroom?
Oil based bathroom are apt for bathroom that is resistant to humid climate, but they have certain side effects. For example, they are made from toxic materials that are hazardous to both individual’s health and environmental problems. It’s application is complex and takes more time to dry. Acrylic paints are the best.

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