In major metros, space is a luxurious item. With large number of residential buildings coming up, the quest of space remains concern for every home. With right elements in place and by planning, one can easily create space in otherwise crammed area. Here are some tips on how to create space in your home:


Buy strategic multi function furniture items


Go for furniture that is not only sleek and comfortable but also offers multiple uses- like to create space illusion. Furniture with casters that can be moved easily around creates an illusion of space. Other storage units include sofa cum bed, corner desk, bookshelves and other pieces of furniture that improve aesthetic beauty of spaces. The sofas in living room can be converted into sofa cum bed option. It is easy to pull and is comfortable to use on daily basis. Functional and practical furniture is required.  These beds can also be used in guest room or study room by incorporating them along the edge of the room, thus it serves various functions.

Think about different storage options

Multi-Storage Pantry

When it comes to small space, storage is the key. Using storage areas to the fullest helps to de-clutter small space. Shelves added inside the closets allow room for folded items  and those that can’t be placed on a hanger. Also, you can go for furniture with in-built storage options; if you have space related concerns. Like every room in the home, kitchen also requires space. Drawers that can open from both sides and floating shelves are the new options in the kitchen design. Line items like microwave, blenders and mixers should be stored vertically, so that it gives adequate design to the room.

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Think big


A wonderful space saving trick is that instead of spreading things horizontally, go for vertical space. Racks and shelves can be placed tall, as the ceiling permits while the topmost shelves can be used for stocking things that is used seasonally.  More shelves can translate into more space, and elimination of that cramped feeling.

Be creative


A small home has no place for wasted space, so make sure that you use space optimally. Convert empty corners into something than idle spaces. Unique or oddly shaped areas are the best location for in built cabinets or display areas. Recessed wall areas and niches can offer decorative and storage option with intruding the main living area.

Well planned color scheme


Well planned color scheme is the best.