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Placing the furniture in the living room requires careful thinking. It should be done in a way that people find it visually appealing and attractive.  It should be blend of formal and informal seating. There can be low Indian seating in a corner or a jhoola, if it has an open balcony enclosure. A complete formal look will entail a formal sofa and a corner and center table positioned rightly. There are several budget constraints and one have to think optimally. Sofas can have low platform or lower arm rests with thick cushions with colourful fabrics like cotton. Even cane sofa chairs can add a personalized touch to the room. To get this look, you need right kind of flooring. It can be of different types like wood, stone, tiles like granite or marble, etc. Since, floor will always be on display, it needs to be sleek and perfect. Furniture that is close to the ground shouldn’t end up making the room cluttered in appearance. In this world of limited budget and big dreams, small ideas can translate into refreshing change. Sometimes, it is difficult to see potential in a thing that you see everyday but it is just waiting for display. You can accentuate the sofa, by making it focus of attention. Highlight the room with an area rug, colourful cushions or throw pillows. The idea is to find focal point and highlight it. There are various designs of low height furniture available in the market. You can get them personalized in accordance with a particular space.


Many sofa sets are available in the markets that are just a few inch off the ground. The simple straight lines of sofa make it look chic and modern. Many people today reside in small flats and the reason why even a small space available anywhere becomes precious. Thanks to short sofas the ceilings of the homes appear to be much higher than it is. Low furniture can be kept in any room and can be mixed with any style. The biggest benefit of low seating arrangement is that it allows maximum utilisation of space and helps in creating false illusion of space. In fact, it is this benefit of this style of seating that makes it popular, practical and visually appealing. It is an apt choice for informal lounge area where one can seat comfortably and spend leisure time, reading to a book, listening to music, watching television or just spending some time with friends. The best part about low level seating arrangement is it is comfortable and stylish, as well as practical and convenient. It is fast becoming fad among new and young generation. This is a new addition to people occupying less space; it is easy to shift these seating fixtures while shifting homes. We live in the world where we end up in being in a rut if we don’t make the most of living space. Starting from decisions that we make every day to the home we live in, everything gets dizzy after sometime after a while, if kept disorganized.

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When it comes to adding a lot of things inside the house, keeping all that here and there doesn’t make any sense, it is important to keep things in a right way. The only thing that spoils the decor and make the place clutter is the look. The best way to get out of such situations is to go for shelving system in household, to have more space to yourself and make atmosphere more spacious. There are a lot of things that appears random in house once you start collecting them in sections you will notice that you can easily make bunch of it and compartmentalize them. For instance,


For section one: here you can keep books, journals, diaries, magazines, etc.

Section 2- here you can keep creams, perfumes, ointments, make up kits, hair brush

Section 3- CD’s and DVD’s

How shelving system can save space


The best thing about the shelving system is that not only saves space, but it also makes it easier to find things. It will make more sense to woman, who can easily find the things. If you keep the things in right place, you will save time and would instantly know where things are kept.

There are several kind of shelving units available in the market that you can pick according to room, need and choice. There are several shelves including book shelves, modular shelves, glass shelves, bracket shelves, etc. That you select from. There is different color and shape available in the market too like rectangle, square, curved, triangular and even in the shape of brackets.

Shelving system is of great advantage to those who’d like to keep few items in the house to be showcased. And this system helps a lot in this area, like when you want to keep trophies, valuable items, showcase or even a beautiful vase.

It is efficient and effective way to adapt things, and it will help to highlight and preserve things that you have at home. However, large home may be but it is difficult to put your ideas and aspirations of interior decorations.  Small spaces can be bit uncomfortable. But it is easy to make small place beautiful. Space is one of the most essential elements of architecture. A well planned and organized space can be easily achieved by using different elements of design like pattern, texture, lines, lights, shapes and forms. Most importantly, for the space to be effective, it should be arranged in a manner that the eye can easily travel across the room, simply called as rhythm of design.

The furniture should be less and light, and most probably it should be placed against the wall. The pattern and texture plays an essential role. Unobstructed pattern and texture make the areas look large.

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How to select right kind of upholstery


Selecting right kind of upholstery can be a bit difficult task. Before selecting right kind of fabric it is important to consider following points:

Use simple and right kind of fabrics- Select right kind of upholstery fabrics, as it is important to make any room alive. Use simple prints or plain color fabrics and rugs to give home a single unified look that usually expand the room. Textured fabric adds character and depth to the upholstery.

Another important factor to consider is color. Color is the major thing to be considered while planning spaces. Colors of lighter shades help to create false illusion of space.  Value of color is the determined by degree of darkness. A light color will enlarge the look of a space as compared to dark ones. It is because of the fact that light colors reflect more light and it makes the room more spacious, as compared to dark colors.

Second point that you need to consider is to

How to illuminate the home in a right way


Though natural light is the best way to illuminate the home, but there are other ways to illuminate the home.

Artificial lightning- Artificial lights around the perimeter of the room like around ceiling and depth creates a false illusion of depth, again creating false illusion of the space. Wall sconces, chandeliers, lampshades, are new way to illuminate home.

How to enlarge space?


You can play with spaces too. Mirrors almost double the space. Also, if used effectively they create visually appealing effect, thus serving more than a single purpose. The idea can be taken over on furniture too.  See through furniture like those with glasses and mirrors that make the space look large inspite of their size. Also, having access to more sunlight through doors and windows adds size to a room. Apart from ideas to create large spaces, try to keep simple things in your mind:

  • Keep the spaces clutter-free
  • Use less accessories and furniture
  • Keep the items to minimal
  • Try to keep furniture in the corner

Apart from above-mentioned ideas, keep simple things in mind like use less accessories. Any room, when worked with care and caution can fulfil the motive. A little thought, careful detailing, and a little care can convert home into beautiful home.