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Little changes in the bathroom can pave way for success. In this blog post, we will provide you tip on how to do so:

Re-caulk the tiles-Caulk is generally seen between the bathroom tiles and it may run along the walls of the bathroom. It can contribute to foul smell. Over the time, caulk becomes porous and it absorbs smell. If your bathroom doesn’t look well to routine cleaning, remove old caulk with knife. Replace it with brand new caulk. You can buy bathroom caulk from local store.


Close the bathroom lid after flushing-sometimes, a little change can make a huge impact on the bathroom smell. Remember, to close the lid after using the bathroom. This prevents unpleasant bathroom odors to spread in.


Take out extra materials regularly-If you have a trash can in the bathroom, take out least once in a week. Any trash that sits out can build odors over times, resulting in foul smell. Regular trash removal can be effective in combating bathroom odor.


Bathroom fabrics-as bathroom are damp, towels can get musty fast. If you keep the hand towels in the bathroom, launder them at least once in a week.

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