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In a small space, every little thing makes a big difference. This is main logic behind this post, which will provide you tip on how to make small room look larger, by simply applying few clever tips and tricks. Small room can look confining and uncomfortable. Luckily, we can use certain design concepts to make small space look larger and make interior seem spacious than what it is in reality. Colour technique, furniture arrangement and smart illumination ideas are some of the topics that we will cover in this post. These ideas will hopefully find inspiration and help with future projects, such as interior decoration or property selling. In this article, we will learn how colours can make the room look larger.



Colours create false illusion of space


Colours make a room look spacious than it is. Cream and icy blue are some of the best colour combination that can convert a tiny room into seemingly large room. It is all about creating optical illusion. It is an acknowledged fact that light shaded make the space look brighter and larger. Light and brightly coloured walls are more reflective thus making the space feel spacious, open and airy, which helps to maximize the effect created by natural sunlight. Dark colours on the other hand absorb light, making a room feel smaller. In order to create an optimum effect, select soft shades of greens and blues, and always remember that brighter room appear more warm and inviting. A good way to go is to paint the wall trim and mouldings in a lighter colour than your walls. When you paint the mouldings in light shade, the wall appears further back, making your living room look bigger.

 Lightning is a big element in creating false illusion of space


It is a known fact that natural light makes the room appear larger. If you don’t have natural lightning options, you can add some creative lightning effects. You will be surprised at how small light addition can make a big difference. If you don’t have scope for natural light, make full use of it and bring it to your home with help of windows. This will instantly make your home interior look spacious. Make sure window coverings are made from sheer or are pulled back to add more light in. If the view is bad, use hanging plants and potted flowers near the windows. Lampshade adds special attention and act as a focal point.

Minimize the clutter


Try to keep the room tidy and organized. There’s nothing that makes a small space feel overwhelming than adding too much stuff. With neatly arranged things, the small space also looks open and orderly. A cluttered room equals to small room. Don’t cover the walls with too many pictures or small paintings. One large painting work is better than group of small paintings. Find home design inspiration through different sources. If there is nothing much to do, all seeking for attention, it will make the room look busy and crowded. When decorating a small room, always create a focal point, one area or feature will draw attention. In the dining room, the focal point can be the table. In the bedroom, it will be the bed. Make that focal point the star of the room. Arrange the furniture in a way, so that focus is drawn to that particular area and keep the rest of the decor of the room to the minimum. Limit the accessories to minimal. Keep the floor space clean as possible. This is one of the most important ways to enhance space. And one more tip: get rid of area rugs to create false illusion of space.

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Create false illusion of space with help of mirrors


Mirrors can do wonders for your home. It makes your room look larger. You can use mirror as a focal point, which gives false illusion of space. These mirrors reflect both natural and artificial sunlight in an optimum way. Further, it adds brightness to a room. They bounce light deep in the room, making it appear spacious. Placing a mirror near the window reflect the outdoor is quite effective. Mirrors on the walls and glass table tip make it seem there’s more space. You can even use cabinet doors to make the spaces look large and uncluttered.

Furniture arrangements for your home


Sometimes furniture occupies a lot of space. To avoid these here are some useful tips:

Tip no 1- Buy multifunctional furniture- Multifunctional furniture like sofa set or chest that can be used as a coffee table, sofa beds, folding tables, beds with drawers, chest of drawers for the purpose of storage. Use expandable dining table, folding table, and nest of tables that can be tucked away when you don’t need it.

Tip No 2- Placement of furniture- Placement of furniture plays an important role. The large pieces of furniture should always be kept against the walls so that the open space in the middle is not broken.

Tip No 3- Measure the furniture before buying- Scale the furniture to fit to the size of the room. It should not act as a roadblock. With furniture and accessories blocking the view of the room, the room will look busy. By moving furniture away from the walkways, you’ll increase up the space and make it feel spacious. If you can see the floor, the room will appear larger. Having oversized sofa or too much furniture will make the living room appear smaller.

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Tip No 4- Unify the spaces- Consider having at least some of the furniture piece in the similar colour as the walls. In this way, even the bigger items like chest and armoires will blend together in the room and widen out the room.

Tip No 5- Set the furniture at particular angle- Incorporate furniture in a particular angle because the longest straight line in any room is diagonal. When you place the furniture at an angle, it leads the eye to move at a longer distance as compared to the shorter wall. An added benefit, you often get additional storage space behind the piece in a corner too

Tip No 5-buy low sized furniture- if the furniture of your room is tall, it might be making it as seem that the ceiling of the room is lower. Hence, ensure that there is large space between your furniture.

Tip No 6- Select furniture desirably- If the furniture in your room that might make your ceiling lower than what it is. Ensure that there is ample space between your furniture as well.

Tip No 7- Select a couch and chairs with open arms and with exposed legs- Though it may sound conventional, but an open table will create a false illusion of space. It allows light to filter under the furniture, thus making the room look spacious.

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