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Do you wish to add spice to your dining experience? A white tablecloth is all what you require. White linen crispy tablecloth, crisply folded napkins, bone china crockery and gleaming silverware all these are indeed a great way to add elegant experience. Candlelight and gourmet dishes further add finishing touches to this romantic experience. Perhaps an added version of romantic meal like a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine and a wedge of cheese make the experience splendid. Table linen transforms the overall look of the home, whether it is a formal dinner pr picnic. This linen is appropriate for formal as well as casual occasions. Whether it is pure white or trendy colour, crisply ironed table linen is perfect for all. Centuries ago, linen table cloth used to exude festive spirit on the crude tables that were set for banquets and feasts. In those times, table utensils were primitive and guests would use the long draped edges of the tablecloth to wipe hands and mouth after eating. Linen runners were trend and it was used to cover the serving boards of the room.



During nineteenth century, the dining room become a common feature for many households. Stylish dining table and sideboards come into trend and large napkins, were used in way of bibs, and they were developed for wiping hands and mouth after dining.


At that time dining tablecloths and sideboards runners were made of white damask. Linen place mats were placed on the tablecloth to designate the honoured guest or household head. Typically, this linen, damask were made from Egyptian cotton, and used to come in various sizes like rectangular, square and circular. Some were embellished with white silk patterns. Some other comes in intricate designers. However, some prefer lace tablecloths, though it is not common today. Pure linen tends to be expensive; it is hard and tough as well as highly absorbent and quick drying. You can use this white table cloth and add colored napkins to give a regal effect. Flowers and centre piece decorations can be further added or contrasted… the overall effect will be one of freshness.

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