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A coffee table is the highlight of most of the living or a family room, yet it is the most forgotten aspect of a room because it always remain cluttered with magazines, remote controls, papers, and glossy magazines. Coffee Table reflect your style and personality, hence it is important to decor it in a way that reflects your individual style. This table have several functions and it can make it look difficult to style, but here are some tips on how to decorate a coffee table. Accessioning the coffee table can be a bit tricky task and it is difficult to figure it out like what to incorporate and what not to incorporate. For some it can be a quiet daunting task. Here we have mentioned some tips on how to decorate a coffee table.


Add Natural Elements


Adding natural elements to space renders a lovely effect. For instance, you can add flowers, fruit or even you can add herbs. It renders a beautiful and colorful experience. Further, it can also act as focal point to the room. The perfect substitute for flowers is to add artificial flowers or potted arrangements or even organic elements. To create a dramatic effect you can place candle(scented preferably) in a glass vase to produce calming effect to the room.

Incorporate a tray


One of the best way to decorate a coffee table is by layering. By adding a tray on your coffee table you can make it look appealing. Trays are great and it helps to scale the surface smaller. So, whether your coffee table is made of glass or wood, it works for both. Accessorize s the same with small elements like coasters, candles, pots, bowls or even a small flower pot. Trays look great on a coffee table or on upholstered ottoman.

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Scale and Height


To create a visual appearance to the coffee table, you can add small sculptural elements like bowls, flowers of different height and add different texture to to the table. It is the best way to add scale and height to the coffee table.


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In order to make a coffee table look interesting, you can even add stack of books. The books can be a great conversation starter. But limit the books to 4 or 5 otherwise it will give the table a cluttered appearance. Try to make multiple book stacks in case you have a larger than normal coffee table. To add a dash of fun and excitement, you can add colored books, or of different pasterns and hues.


In order to bring personality to a coffee table, you can add different elements that symbolize and inspire you. This decorative piece will dominate the table surface and creates visual appeal. This piece can act as a focal point to the room. You can add even some travel keepsakes, pictures, sleeves, collection of vintage candles or add a tin of bottles to your coffee table. It will make your coffee table a fun and whimsical place.