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A family that enjoys sleeping understands the need of a firm mattress. So, when each of our mattress begins to shows signs of sagging and dipping, here are some ways to fix it.


Before you jump start on how to fix a sagging mattress, verify the actual problem. A broken frame can be a problem. Lift the mattress up and inspect the same. If you find any problem, you can use a piece of plywood to repair the damage. You can simply cut one large piece of plywood of similar size as the frame or add slat boards to fill in the broken piece. Cinder blocks can also be used, although it is not a safest idea to repair a sagging mattress in a child’s room.

If you are certain that the problem is regarding mattress only, then here are certain things that you need to know about:

Fix a mattress with blankets

A mattress that sags in a particular area can be easily leveled out by adding extra blankets. Buy some unused blankets from the closet and fold them in a half. If you are working with a thick blanket, all you need to do is to fold it in half at once. Place the folded blanket beneath the sagging area, and adjust the position accordingly. This method works really well, and its something that kids can easily adjust too.

Fix a mattress with pillows

Take out all the blankets and bedsheets, use a flat pillow to level out the sagging mattress. Cover the mattress with a tight fitted sheet and cover the bed as usual. A word for wise- a simple fluffy pillow is too big to handle, so its better to switch to old pillows from your closet. The old pillows works better and it can be called as a win-win situation.
Fix it with a mattress bladder

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The best solution for a sagging mattress is with a mattress bladder. It can be difficult to search, but it is not too expensive. A bladder connects to hose and a hand pump, and it allows to adjust the level beneath the sagging area of the mattress. This method works very well, but isn’t a good option for heavy people. When people used for children, one can easily readjust the bladder as often as it is used in a bed.
If you have money to buy a new mattress, that is also a good option. However, one needs to level out an old mattress and make it comfortable.