Before embellishing a green sofa, it is necessary to take into consideration decorative elements that coordinate with the theme of a living room.

Add throw blanket on the green sofa. The throw blanket color should coordinate with the throw pillow and space size. For a chic bedroom, opt for patchwork blanket that shows the shades of green and yellow. For a sophsticated room, opt for velvet throw blanket

Opt for patterned throw pillows that pair up with design of the room. For instance, for a modern room one can opt for solid green throw pillos that is one shade darker or lighter than sofa work. Brown pillows with brown leaves are best suited for the rustic room.

Next, add embellishments to the sofa. If you have a modern styled room, use large geometric designs as a wall hanging. If the theme of the bedroom is tropical, opt for an image of a beach.

Add silver lamps to the sides of the table or wrought iron lamps that have stained green shades. Add candles on the sides of table; opt for different sized pillar candles. Or one can use decorative tray or taper candles in the candlesticks.

Thus, adding a green sofa can transform the look of the room.

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