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It is a known fact that use of leather is not limited to sofa now leather dining room chairs are also in a rage. The primary reason is it is easy to clean and maintain. Also, it is durable. But the question arises how to clean leather chair. Here are some tips.

  • A regular vaccuming can do wonders. Don’t let dirt to accumlate on the sides of the table. Accumlated dirt can damage your leather chair.’
  • It is necessary to condition the leather chair, as it will help to retain the shine of the same.
  • Don’ty let spills to settle on the leather chair. The neat idea is to clean it on impromptu basis. Scrubbing won’t help. If problem persist, take assistance of experts.
  • Saddle soap is the best way to clean the chair. It not only cleans the leather chair, but it also conditions it. Moreover, it is pocket friendly.
  • If large amount of dirt or dust has accumlated on the leather chair, it is necessary to take advice from an expert.
  • Dubbin is the best way to clean and condition the leather chair. Apply it on the chair and wipe it. Once done, polist it. But the catch is- polish after it has dried.
  • Petroleum Jelly is another cost effective alternative to clean the chair. Other option can eb linseed oil mixed with vinegar. This concept works well.
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Last but not the least; invest in furniture that provides long term commitment to money. Good cleaning habbits make your furniture last long.

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