Whenever we think of home designing or interior décor our thinking is limited to furniture, accessories and furnishing. We totally forget about the walls and wall color. For a beautiful décor one can opt for 3D walls or wall panels. It will add a sense of creativity and will render a textured effect.

Before jumpstarting further lets understand what is 3D wall panel- This wall panel add extra dimension to the wall. This panel is made of middle density fibre board or high density fibre board with strong 3d effect.

It is assumed that rooms that have a focal point area of interest should feature 3D wall décor. Aside, from creating feature walls it can also be crafted in furniture as cabinet doors. Depending upon the choice and preferences one can opt for regular geometric patterns, nature elements and modern art designs. One can don the wall with a particular chracter that suits their style.

3d walls can also be created in a dual or multicolor option depending upon the taste and amount of space. Through this, one can easily transit from conventional looking wall décor to attractive and defined décor.

Select colors and styles that reflect your personality.

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