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The country styled bedroom is based on the spirit of ancient family homes. These are chic and look cosy for your living room. However, keep in mind that it should not take away the easy style of the living room. Here’s how you can pull this country chic décor in a right way.

The colours on the walls should be relaxing and comfortable. You can even play with the bright colours with a traditional gradient like white, when it comes to country chic décor. You can pick different shades like beige, brown, purple or blue-grey.


If the walls are made from exposed stone, it will further add character to the room. Accentuating it further will help to create an old family effect. Stone walls are not insulating, so it is better to limit yourself to south facing walls. When it comes to the colder walls, try to use insulating coating. You can even insulate with clear panelling, elegant for the rustic décor.



Select the wooden furniture carefully, preferably select the one that show its age. Even if they appear worn out by time, you can always lime them to get clear tones. These kinds of furniture are easily available in the specialized store. It’s always best to use antiques for the family bedroom; if you have any. In this way, you can get authentic country chic bedroom.

In case of flooring, it is better to stick to the natural material. If your flooring is already covered with stones or tiles, keep them as it or rejuvenate it a little. Otherwise it will not go well with the country chic bedroom. Select wide strips, raw or polished. You can even go for weathered flooring. The floor will gain beauty over a time, and it will look elegant.
Which fabric to select?
It is a common dilemma, which fabric to select for country chic bedroom. Well, soft or rough fabric and draperies are important to maintain country chic bedroom. Colours should be well coordinated and relaxing, thus maintaining harmony of the room. Go for long curtains with beautiful fall. You can even hang them slightly long than usual. To break the rawness, sprinkle it across the room, throw pillows and softer materials like velvet, cashmere or wool can do wonders.

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country style home decor
You can even add candles to the room here and there. It will provide warm light to the room and emphasize the hushed atmosphere of earlier times. Arrange it near the edge of the windows or on the fireplace. Play with the size. Incorporate right accessories as well reinforce the right ambience. Ensure that they match with the materials of the room.