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Most houses in urban area are not spacious. So, it is important to make the most use of storage space that you have or in simple words get creative about the storage space. Social status and peer pressure demands that we have lavish homes. Even builders strive for making homes look bigger in lesser area for better sales. They do this by using several tricks like mirror paneling and bigger windows that give illusion of space, says reputed interior designer Shivani Shah co-founder of home décor website Design Houzz. The easiest way to make your home look spacious is to experiment with creative interior designs. These include adding of large mirrors to give impression of size, compact storage solutions to get rid of clutter and use of foldable and multipurpose furniture.


Though furniture plays an important role in any room, interior designers suggest that using white colored walls and windows, vertical storage spaces and other options solve concerns of city homes. Here’s an overview about the interior solutions that can help make your house look spacious.


Go for smart storage option– get rid of unnecessary clutter, it frees up lot of a space. A minimalist design, clutter-free room can be easily personalized and the focus should be on most important elements needed in a home. The room design should be minimalistic in terms of use and fewer objects should be used in a room, says Swati Gupta, reputed interior designer at online furniture store, Stitchwood.


Wall mounted shelves and wall cavity-Another way to deal with the clutter is by utilizing empty spaces under furniture or using wall mounted shelves for storage. Ankita Arya, stylist at FabFurnish store says wall mounted cabinets and extended wall shelves can save a lot of storage space. A wardrobe, for instance can be easily substituted by a wall cavity (a space inside the wall). A wall cavity is a smart storage solution that accommodates a huge wardrobe. Using a smart storage solution without restriction movement is the solution that many people crave for.


Create kitchen storage space-Saloni Khosla, design head at furniture website pepperfry suggests making kitchen clutter-free by putting everything in storage space is the nice option. Pepperfry further suggests that shelves made from materials like wood, metal, stackable shelves, corner shelves fixed on the walls can be used as a good storage option at a good height of 4.5 inches instead of bulky drawers. These can also be used to display accent pieces like boxes and trinkets. Having your kitchen ware on the wall, create more room for other products.

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Create vertical storage space- select vertical storage spaces to save floor space. Put up clear, bronze or grey glass on the shutter of wardrobe to get an illusion of space.


Color and paint- it is a known fact that light shades and soft shades of blue and green and cream make a room look larger and brighter. Light shades always create an illusion of space- using the right hues with proper contrast can make the room look more spacious, says Shahgufta Anurag, chief interior designer. Anurag further adds that using white in a room is the best way to make it look larger. Another option is to paint the walls in one shade and use a light shade for trims and mouldings. To make a room look dramatic, use colours in small quantity. For example, one wall could be of brighter shade or have some wall paper on it to accentuate the space.



Mirror paneling– Mirror paneling on the walls make the space look double the area.

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Other Tips and Tricks that you can use to make your home look smart:

Tip no 1-When it comes to home interiors, there are various ways of saving space. One way is to use foldable furniture, says Khosla. Furniture design should be sleek and modern- the furniture should be kept at low height like low beds or low seating, says Gupta.

Tip no 2- avoid use of bulky wardrobe and don’t keep them touching at the floor but at the same time avoid using them at a height.

Tip no 3- keep in mind the shape of door- the shape of doors and windows can make your room look spacious and uncluttered. Straight line designs on the doors and windows look the best in small spaces. Any articulate options around the home such as curve or mountings will compromise on basic functionality, says interior designer Gupta.

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Tip no 4- another advice that you need to consider if you wish to make your home look spacious. Use false ceilings. Yes! Earlier also we have discussed this.  Another alternative is to utilize the height of large doors instead. The light that comes to the house can make the home look larger.

Tip no 5- use glass wall- Instead of wall separating the kitchen and living room, the glass wall will give the new look to the kitchen. It will make it look spacious.

Another benefit of having a glass wall is the glass wall as opposed to an open kitchen doesn’t let foul smell or food smell to spread in the living room. Now, this is definitely a good idea!


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