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Apart from bringing good luck, prosperity and keeping negative energy at bay, do you know the age old Chinese practice of Feng Shui can increase the chances of conception? Well, by practicing feng shui at home, you can increase the chances of pregnancy and reduce the risk of miscarriage. With these Feng shui tips for getting pregnant, you can bring conception luck at your home. Here are some tips to consider:

Pregnant woman sitting on bed looking at stomach
Pregnant woman sitting on bed looking at stomach
Pregnant woman sitting on bed looking at stomach
Declutter home

First of all, the reason why you might not be getting pregnant could be due to obstacles of positivity energy that flow in and around your home. Take a look at your home: is it cluttered or lack scope of fresh air? Are all the trees in the way of your front door? Do you have ceiling fans or heavy lightning arrangements installed over the bed? All of these signify hindrances that cut the full amount of energy that you should be receiving. So, the first step towards improving the fertility chances with Feng Shui is to declutter the home and reorganize it.

Your Bedroom tips

Your bed is one of the major symbols of fertility, which is why it should be a nurturing nd relaxing spot. First of all, make sure that there is no sharp object pointing towards the bed like doors or cabinets. Next, eliminate interfering energy like laptops and other electronic devices. Put a bowl of uncooked rice under the bed, and don’t clean it until you are planning to have a baby. And finally, ask kids to jump on the bed to activate baby energy in your bedroom.
Check the layout of the home

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Study the layout of the home by using Bagua Nine sectors map over it. The sector devoted to children is situated in the west, which is on the right side of your home when entering from main door. Activate the energy by placing feng shui symbols. If there is bathroom nearby, ensure that it remains closed all the times, so that the fertility doesn’t drain away.
Other tips
Add symbols of fertility in your home. The best symbols of fertility include:
Pomegranate photos- it is a fruit that symbolizes fertility. Even better, plant a pomegranate plant, but ensure that you water it!
• Images of rabbit and elephant- if you can get figurines of elephant and rabbit in a pair, that is better feng shui symbol. It’s even better to assemble a family of animal figurine with number of kids you want.
• Eggs- the symbol of eggs represent fertility and new life, so an egg-shaped crystal placed by your bedside can increase conception chances.
• Wulous or gourds- these are powerful symbols that safeguards pregnant woman from evil eyes. It should be placed at your home or carried on your person.